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Popular Patio Pattern Inlays to Consider for Your Driveway

Whether you’re paving your driveway, patio, or walkway, your hardscape can be made to reflect your home’s unique style and architecture with paver inlays. Whether you’re creating a border to frame your walkway or designing a coat of arms for your driveway, inlays come with endless aesthetic potential and are a way to ensure that your hardscape is one-of-a-kind. Whether you prefer your inlays to be subtle enhancements or dramatic focal points, here are a few ways to incorporate them into your hardscape.

Accentuating the shapes within your hardscape

Outlining the curves and edges of different elements within your landscape can draw attention to the intricacies of its design and make it appear more impressive. This poolside patio has been paved using Treo pavers in a warm Sierra color variation. The earthy hues contained within these pavers are contrasted by a striking double border of black and white pavers that run along the edge of the pool and frame the steps. This draws attention to the fact that the patio bears interesting swirls and curves and is not just a simple flat surface.

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This entrance has been created using sandy Brussels Block pavers and a selection of deep Copthorne pavers. The dark Burgundy Red Copthorne pavers serve as a border to the hardscape’s periphery. However, the center of this walkway network is highlighted by the addition of a circular plant bed and the use of colorful Copthorne pavers throughout the surface. They are laid in an intricate paver pattern that also adds interest and variation to the surface.

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Welcoming paver inlays

A paver inlay in the shape of a half-circle is often used to create the impression of a doormat. These patterns are incorporated into entrances or as an enhancement of doors and gates leading into the home, serving as a permanent welcome mat that requires very little cleaning and maintenance. Half-circles can also be used to accentuate circular steps, inviting guests to traverse up the stairway. This stairway leads to a fully-fitted Brussels Dimensional System kitchen. Brussels Fullnose coping has been used to create the steps, extending the same shade and texture of concrete throughout the design for a ‘finished’ look. Il Campo pavers in Granite and Heritage Brown have been used to create a welcoming set of curved accents that allow each individual step to stand out more, while simultaneously tying the entire staircase together and visually connecting it to the kitchen floor above.

Creating a gathering spot

This poolside patio showcases an elegant combination of Unilock pavers, namely Artline and Series pavers, which take up most of the patio and can be referred to as the field pavers. The Autumn Sunset Umbriano pavers bear warm, dark brown hues, for an inviting atmosphere. These pavers are compatible with the neutral color palette used in many modern designs. Artline pavers surround the fire pit, defining it as a distinct ‘outdoor room’ and inviting others to enjoy its atmosphere. The outdoor room is also defined by a circular border of Series pavers. This paver inlay serves to create an independent and intimate hotspot for evening conversation, despite the absence of restrictive low walls.

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A personalized driveway

Nothing defines a home better than a personalized inlay design adorning the driveway or front entrance. A symbol that represents your home, or a pattern that you think reflects your personality, can help to make your home and landscape unforgettable. This driveway has been created using smoky Richcliff pavers, which have the textured elegance of natural stone, while classic Courtstone pavers have been used in the inlay.

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Borders that define hardscape features

Borders help to break up large expanses of field pavers and can be used to frame walkways and driveways or outline different outdoor rooms. They can enhance the visual impact of any hardscape feature, from walls to pools and grill islands. Borders can even be selected to match the banding that adorns vertical hardscape features, like this Rivercrest Wall. Experimenting with different color options for your borders will help you to design them in a way that draws the right amount of attention. Pairing black pavers with a lighter creamy option, like these Summer Wheat Umbriano pavers, creates a striking contrast and has a powerful visual effect.

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Pattern Inlays to Consider for Your Driveway in NY


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