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Tricks for Adding Division to a Sizeable Patio

A large patio, while bursting with potential, can appear monotonous without any dividers distinguishing one outdoor area from another. Dividers help to visually break up a large expanse of stone, adding variation and interest to the design. Segregating your patio can also serve to organize the design, while having different outdoor rooms can create a flow in entertainment, allowing people to move from one activity to another. Here are a few stylish ways to divide your patio.

Using a low wall as a subtle barrier

This low Estate Wall divider from Unilock separates the outdoor kitchen from the cozy fireside conversation spot nearby. This allows the outdoor kitchen to serve as a functional space for cooking and dining, while the comfortable chairs on the other side of the low wall provide comfort and relaxation after the meal, or in anticipation of it. Be aware that separating your outdoor kitchen from other areas of your patio can make the cook feel isolated – especially if that cook is you – and might prevent guests who enjoy watching the food being prepared from doing so. Low walls make excellent dividers and can match the walls bordering the entire patio for a cohesive design. They can also serve as additional seating space so that the chef can remain part of the social activities. The well-textured Estate Wall blocks used here have a beautiful antique appearance that contributes to the elegance of the patio design and stand out against the smoother Umbriano pavers underfoot.

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Using steps to separate areas

One captivating way to separate different outdoor rooms is by placing them on different levels, creating raised platforms and sunken spaces within the landscape. This creates a multi-dimensional outdoor design with a professional appearance. The different platforms can be joined by stairways created using versatile concrete pavers or natural stone. Beacon Hill Flagstone in the Coffee Creek color variation has been used here, mimicking the tranquil effect of natural stone with its irregular surfaces and neutral shades. A Copthorne accent serves to outline the outdoor room below, continuing on the upper level to visually link the two platforms. This stairway is flanked by beautiful shrubs and small trees enclosed by retaining walls that further separate the two outdoor rooms.

Defining an outdoor room beneath a pergola

Although this outdoor kitchen is fairly close to the arrangement of chairs nearby, these two areas can still be divided in as cozy a patio as this. The wooden pergola situated over the outdoor kitchen is not only a stunning wooden structure that washes its surroundings in the warmth of its rich shades and textures, but its presence also defines the outdoor kitchen as an outdoor room of its own. Short pillars at the base of each wooden pole serve to create a seamless flow between the wooden structure and the concrete pavers below. The hardy wooden furniture, earthy accent pavers and the raw dark shades within the wood all collaborate to create a pleasantly warm and cozy patio.

Finding a focal point to define your outdoor room

This trendy fire pit is fairly isolated, enclosed by an eye-catching border and placed rather far from the poolside recliners nearby. This stunning fire pit has been enhanced by surrounding it with thinner, darker pavers than those which cover the deck. This allows the fire pit to act as the focal point of its own outdoor room, separated from the pool and other furniture. Guests can make themselves comfortable on the versatile retaining wall nearby and enjoy the warmth and ambience of this cozy corner. This sleek pool deck has been created using Umbriano pavers from Unilock, which contribute their large format and clean edges to make any hardscape appear more modern.

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Using plant beds and strips of greenery to separate areas

Borders can also be created by allowing gaps between outdoor rooms and promoting the growth of plants within those soil beds. This resort-like pool deck showcases one excellent candidate for a green landscape – Summer Wheat Umbriano pavers. Their sandy undertones truly ‘pop’ when paired with deep, vibrant greens. A neat shrub has also been nestled within this retaining wall, creating a visual barrier between the poolside and the outdoor room above.

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