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Nothing compares to the experience of basking in the sun in the pool or unwinding poolside after the sun sets. It’s no surprise the best part of your summer lifestyle should be spent next to a cool, refreshing body of water. Thankfully, Unilock has a ton of pool coping ideas that will guarantee your backyard pool deck will make a splash even before you enter the water.
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Designing your pool deck as an extension of your home

When designing your paver pool deck, consider the theme you are hoping to articulate through your design that will capture the elegance of the space. Whether it be a modern or a traditional property, choose the products that you feel will capture the look and feel of home’s architecture. Our EnduraColor™ collection features an array of distinct surface textures, are built highly durable, and resist the appearance of fading over time. Complement your pool deck with decorative borders and intricate laying patterns to delineate walking spaces and to help draw attention to other features in your backyard.

Identifying the safest pool deck paver

When choosing the right product. one thing that you should consider is surface texture. It’s important to choose a paver that has a safe, non-slip texture to avoid any slips by the pool. Light-toned colors with non-abrasive edges for pool coping (the edge closest to the water) are an added touch that also protect feet from getting too hot. Darker inset borders that help define the pool edge is another feature to consider.

Pool lighting for safety at night

When using or maneuvering around the deck at night, lighting is a terrific method `to highlight the surface texture and to provide an additional level of safety surrounding the pool. Consider the flow of traffic around your pool deck and include appropriate lighting in your plans.

Entertain with pool side features

An empty pool deck is a not-so-fun pool deck. Design your pool deck to complement hours of summer fun in the sun. Consider adding a water feature to the pool area for visual and auditory appeal; after all, nothing beats floating away on a sunny, warm afternoon to the soothing sounds of a quiet waterfall. A backyard pool paired with an outdoor BBQ and grill island is a match made in heaven. What better way to end a day spent in the pool than with lunch served outside, hot off the grill? Lounge chairs and umbrellas are the perfect furniture required for sunbathing by the pool, for reading a book in the shade or watching the kids play. On scorching summer days, make sure you provide yourself a space where you can get shade, beat the heat and stay cool.

Accounting for size, elevation and proper drainage

There’s more to designing a pool deck than meets the eye. If you have the opportunity to plan your design before the pool is installed, you will want to make sure you address certain things like size, elevation and drainage. If your pool deck is at a different elevation than the rest of your yard, make sure to plan steps, multi-level zones, and retaining walls accordingly. Finally, consider installing drainage channels around the perimeter to mitigate flooding.

Protecting your pool deck pavers with sealed products

Not only do pool deck pavers incur changing weather patterns, but chemicals like chlorine can eat away at the surface of your pavers over time. Only Unilock offers EasyClean™, an integral stain resistance technology that helps protect the surface of pavers while enhancing the overall surface color. This also works wonders against pesky stains from barbecue spills, wine and grease, which can be easily cleaned with a stiff broom, soap and water solution. Refrain from wire brushes since they will damage the pavers and leave unsightly scratch marks on the surface. If you choose to purchase a sealed product, you will need to re-apply sealant every 3-5 years.

Don’t fret over the cost; choose the paver that’ll last a lifetime

Regardless which paver you choose, remember that the cost of pavers is typically only 20% of the overall project budget. Choosing more expensive pavers doesn’t drastically affect the overall price, so make sure you pick the product that you really want so you will be happy with it for a lifetime. Your Unilock Authorized Contractor is a fantastic asset who can help you choose from a range of products, colors and styles to suit your budget. Unilock also offers a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee on the structural integrity of our pavers. Any materials installed and maintained to our guidelines, and subject to normal wear that prove defective, will be replaced at no cost to you.

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