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Using paver patterns to transform your patio design

Unilock Paver Patterns for NY and NJ landscape design
Utilizing paver patterns correctly is an important design tool for adding the finishing touches to an outdoor patio. You can orchestrate the material, texture, and color combinations of your favorite pavers, but the moment you select a pattern is when you really bring your outdoor living spaces to life. Paver patterns can be used to highlight specific areas, add depth to the patio design, section off a space or “outdoor room”, and create strong visual interest to achieve a particular ambiance. The design possibilities are endless, with many options for paver patterns and suggestions on how to use them for a revolutionary patio experience. Here, we take a look a few of the popular choices.

Popular Paver Patterns

Running Bond
One of the simplest and most common patterns to lay, the running bond utilizes lines of stretchers to establish a sense of depth. A running bond pattern works especially well in small patio spaces.
Known for its durability, the herringbone consists of a sequence of pavers laid at 90 degree angles. The result is a striking “zig-zag” pattern that is popularly used in medium to large areas. Due to the increased strength this pattern offers, it is a great choice for residential driveways.
Basket Weave
Also known as parquet, a basket weave pattern is developed by alternating horizontal and vertical pairs, much like a checkerboard. A basket weave pattern integrates well into a rustic or antique design concept and most commonly uses what is called a Holland Stone—a 4”x 8” paving stone. With the advances in the outdoor living industry over the last few years, this pattern has become less popular. Used in the right setting, however, it can break up a large design very nicely.
A circular pattern is completed by laying paver rows in a full or half circle shape. Circle designs beautifully compliment large patio areas due to their capacity to divide and showcase features of the space. Particularly useful for denoting a spot for an outdoor table, circles are most commonly created using a prepackaged kit designed to create the circular design.
A European fan pattern consists of a series of arcs embedded one over another to produce an attractive finish. Prized in both commercial and residential settings, the intricate fan pattern works surprisingly well in large and small spaces alike, so long as it is given proper space to truly be enjoyed. Very often in residential landscape design, the fan pattern is used at the entrance to a paver driveway or patio.
A random paver pattern is comprised of 3 or more differently-sized paving stones, laid in a random pattern. The result is an eye-catching effect which works well in Old World styles. This pattern is very popular with popular large format pavers.

Mix and Match Paver Patterns for a Unique Patio Experience

With today’s most popular paver patterns covered, it’s time learn how these standard patterns can be manipulated to make your patio design pop. Experts suggest that, when laid in spacious areas, pavers can give off an industrial feel, so pattern variety is essential to a well-designed residential outdoor space. Play with angles, colors, textures, custom inlays, and special accents as you select paver patterns to completely transform your patio.
Manipulate Angles for Visual Movement
Paver patterns are laid at either 45 or 90 degree angles and usually line up with the exits or entranceways of outdoor spaces. Laying angles create visual illusions: 90 degree angles make expansive areas appear smaller, while 45 degree angles will enlarge a limited patio space. Designers recommend using a 45 degree angle to lead the eye to a specific area or focal point in the landscape design, as well as to guide foot traffic in a certain direction. Construct a visual masterpiece by contrasting a 45 degree herringbone pattern in your main patio area with its 90 degree counterpart in an adjoining raised patio area.
Diversify Textures
Pavers, as well as the material that fills their joints, come in all sorts of textures and styles, leaving unlimited possibility for design creativity. For instance, establish extra interest by framing a standard-finish paver laid in the main laying pattern, with a tumbled-finish border. Another idea is to incorporate different materials, such as natural stone, concrete pavers, decorative gravel, and/or porcelain pavers into a dramatic, yet cohesive patio design. Harness nature’s beauty by inviting vegetation to grow around natural stone pavers. Or, break up an outdoor patio space by laying smooth natural stone in a random pattern beside cobblestone-like pavers laid in a running bond pattern for a clean and effective contrast.
Use a Spectrum of Color
Elevate your patio by applying a diverse color palette to your paver patterns. Color combinations can make or break an outdoor space, so consider carefully which colors best complement each other before installation. As with all of these important design decisions, consulting an industry professional is always the best approach.
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Incorporate Borders, Bands, Inserts, and “Rugs”
Paver patterns can shape the entire feel of an outdoor space. They are exceptional for dividing and distinguishing special features such as fire pits or sitting areas. Defined borders add depth and shape to a space, often created by using a distinct pattern and/or color contrast. Bordering a main pattern with a darker colored paver is a popular design choice, and is compatible with both linear and curved patio shapes. In combination with borders, banding provides a delightful accentuating effect, drawing the eye to a particular area or lending visual interest to a large space. Paver inserts, or inlays, may also be used for effective accenting. A circular pattern, for instance, will elegantly denote an area or feature you would like to highlight. Paver “rugs” composed of accent colors or patterns may be similarly utilized to offer subtle direction on how to approach an outdoor fireplace or cooking area.
Paver patterns are remarkable design tools that can literally help shape the outdoor space of your dreams. When used in combination with different angles, textures, colors, and accenting techniques, even the simplest paver pattern will transform your patio. Happy planning!
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