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Fire Pit Inspiration

There's no comparison to the warm sensation you receive from curling up next to an outdoor fire pit on a cool night. Fire pits can help create a welcoming ambience, especially when paired with a cozy chair, relaxing music and enjoyed with family and friends. Before you install your Unilock fire pit, here are a few things to consider.

Safety first

It's critical to be informed on safe methods for recreational fires. Refer to your community's bylaws to see if having outdoor fires is permitted. Fires must be kept under control and safely away from any combustible surfaces, be located at least 10 feet from the property boundary, and not endanger the surrounding environment.

Playing with shapes

The best fire pits are designed using Unilock wall products. Our Brussels Dimensional Stone and Lineo Dimensional Stone are among the most popular products to construct fire pits in a circular or square shape.

Traditional vs Modern Fire Pits

Fire Pits can be designed to reflect your home’s unique architectural design. Traditional fire pits may have a weathered, timeworn appearance, reflecting the cues of quarried stone. A modern fire pit may include paver accent bands such as a darker hue of Series™, or employ unique face textures with the patented U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System. Make sure you choose products, colors and styles that reflect your design goals, while also understanding which products are appropriate for use on a fire pit application.

Coping is icing on the cake

Unilock offers a wide range of coping products that will add a beautiful finishing touch to your fire pit or fire feature, making for a smooth and comfortable place to rest your feet or use as a seating wall when the fire pit is not in use. For example, Brussels Fullnose brings a relaxed appearance and timeless warmth, while offering a rounded edge that is smooth and sleek.

Get comfy on a paver seating wall

A circular seat wall framed around a fire pit provides a natural elegance to any outdoor project. Turn your seating wall into a cozy nook, complete with cushions, blankets and pillows to keep warm around the fire at night.

Recreate living room comforts with an outdoor fireplace

Bring the warm, cozy feeling of a fireplace outdoors with a classic-style outdoor fireplace that radiates warmth and comfort. The factory-made stainless steel firebox, pipe, and metal termination cap that are included with pre-built outdoor fireplaces provide consistent quality and dependable performance. For a unique aesthetic, add a hearth with an arch and additional wood boxes. To ensure you’ll be spending most summer evenings outdoors, complete the tapestry with warm accents like a deep sectional sofa with plush cushions, end tables, and an outdoor paver rug.

Fire Pit Kits

Unilock fire pit kits come pre-packaged with a metal insert to help maintain the shape and structural integrity of the exterior walls, as well as a grill insert, which fits securely into the metal insert and hangs over the fire. This combination makes roasting marshmallows or hot dogs over an open flame even easier!

Wood-burning vs Gas Fire Pits: Which is better?

While wood-burning fire pits need dry wood to stay lit, gas fire pits commonly operate using natural gas or propane. Generally speaking, wood-burning fire pits are significantly more affordable than gas fire pits, but they require more work to keep lit. Based on your budget and the available outdoor space, a Unilock Authorized Contractor can assist you in obtaining estimates for both and assisting you in choosing the better option.

Building a storage box for wood blocks

If you require a space to store wood blocks to be used for your fire pit or pre-built fireplace, speak with a Unilock Authorized Contractor before you begin installation to include this in your design plans. They may be able to construct a unique wood box using Unilock pavers, or build an insert directly into your fire feature to allow for wood storage, providing both function and aesthetic beauty to your overall design.

Why adding proper ventilation is crucial

One often overlooked feature on fire pits is proper ventilation systems. While pre-built fireplaces normally come with a pipe and chimney which provides good air flow, in-ground fire pits require properly designed air vents for proper operation and safety. Ventilation, especially on propane fire pits, is crucial in order to release excess stored gas. Speak to a Unilock Authorized Contractor to determine from a design standpoint the best way to install a ventilation system on your fire pit.

Unilock fire pits provide exceptional quality and functionality

Purchasing a Unilock product is a commitment to excellence. Thanks to our unique range of product technology, our pavers now provide a higher degree of quality than before, combining the best of both worlds in terms of aesthetic beauty and usefulness. Care and maintenance for your pavers is paramount, so there are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining your pavers for a lifetime.

Cleaning your Unilock fire pit after use

Remove any debris from the burner, such as rocks and leaves, after the fire pit has cooled. To clean the fire pit, use a moist cloth, warm water, and soap. Maintaining burner cleanliness makes it possible for fuel to flow easily and freely. Always refer to safety manuals that come with your natural gas burner.

Protect your fire pit from the elements

Although purchasing a cover is absolutely optional, it is highly recommended that you do so until you are ready to use it again. Covers can shield your fire pit from premature deterioration brought on by precipitation, ice, wind, and snow.

Alleviate excessive heat damage on concrete patios

Excessive heat in your fire pits may cause the concrete units to breakdown over time, if not properly designed to handle high temperatures. If you have built an above ground fire pit, we recommend lining the fire pit with a metal liner or fire-rated brick to provide protection from the high temperatures. In addition to being excellent at absorbing heat, metal fire pit inserts are made to preserve the structural integrity of your fire pit and come pre-packaged with most Unilock fire pit kits.

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