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Welcome Guests with the Ultimate Curb Appeal

Paver Driveway, Driveway Pavers NY-NJ-PA-CT A driveway is an integral part of any residential landscape, often welcoming guests as the first introduction to your home. Think of it as an impressive front door, providing an extended front entranceway to your piece of paradise. With such an important design task at hand, it’s important to invest in materials that lend aesthetic appeal while also keeping your driveway’s performance top of mind. Driveway pavers offer the perfect balance between form and function – and are ideal for creating the ultimate curb appeal that welcomes you every time you come home.

What’s Your Design Style?

Selecting a design style is helpful when planning a well-integrated paver driveway. Draw inspiration from these popular design styles for the ultimate in curb appeal. 10.-Decrascape_Driveway_Paver_Unilock


Grid-patterned pavers with grass or thyme growing in between are a popular choice for contemporary design tastes. Large format pavers with clean edges such as Unilock Umbriano or Richcliff XL pavers are perfect for delivering modern sophistication in your landscape design. permeable paver for oyster bay, ny walkway


Introducing concrete pavers that resemble traditional brick pavers is a great way to bring on the rustic country feel. Unilock Town Hall or Tribeca Cobble are two great choices. Complement the design with white picket fencing, native plants, and ornamental grasses and you’ve got a landscape design fit for the country roads. Courtstone-Small-Patio

Cape Cod

No need to forgo the classic gravel driveways that the Cape is famous for! Use concrete pavers to border the edges of the driveway and form out an entrance apron to introduce structure to the gravel drive. For a brick-like touch, consider Unilock Town Hall paver, or for a natural cobblestone feel, introduce Unilock Courstone paver as a perfect partner for the blues and whites found in the Cape Cod gravels. Northshore-Driveway-Closeup


Ah, the classic design styling of the traditional landscape. With muted hues of greens, blues, and greys echoed throughout, the traditional landscape is a beautiful thing when done right. A perfect driveway paver for this style is Unilock Northshore. With realistic flagstone textures on the surface and muted naturalistic colors available, Northshore is a great way to deliver tradition and class with your home’s paver driveway.

Durability Matters

Above all else, your driveway must be able to withstand substantial use and abuse, the demands of regional weather conditions, and the inevitable test of time. Interlocking concrete pavers are designed to accommodate high traffic areas, and many products are equipped to handle extremely heavy loads from vehicular traffic. Unlike poured concrete and natural stone, driveway pavers are highly resistant to cracking and chipping, a costly caveat of other materials whose repair prices tend to be quite expensive. In fact, interlocking paving stones make spot treatment a breeze, as single pieces may be easily taken out and restored with new ones. Most concrete pavers are slip-proof by their very nature which is important for heavy traffic areas like driveways and front entrance ways. Moreover, pavers often have low water absorption rates, shielding your driveway from unattractive mold and mildew growth. In climates where Mother Nature delivers cold and snowy winters, be sure to look for pavers that will not deteriorate when de-icing salt is used to keep ice buildup in check. Unilock pavers protects against de-icing salt and offers a lifetime guarantee. Along with being extremely durable, pavers also ensure that necessary maintenance requirements are minimal. Keeping your pavers functional and gorgeous is easy, requiring just some general cleaning and a quick rinse from time to time. Scrub down your driveway with specialized paver cleaner in the springtime for enduring beauty.

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Design Flexibility

Pavers are not only prized for their impressive durability, but boast a vast range of color, texture, and style options. Concrete pavers today are available in many colors and textures, allowing you to match your paver driveway to the design elements of your home’s exterior with ease. Including borders, accents, and inlays in your driveway design is a great way to create a one of a kind look that is special to you and your home. Also consider jointing sand colors for extra design freedom. Match your jointing compound to paver accents or your home’s siding for a truly unique, yet cohesive driveway. Make a sensational first impression on your guests with the ultimate paver driveway. With their leading durability and design versatility, concrete pavers are a top choice creating a driveway that looks great and performs well for years to come. In fact, it’s an investment that will last a lifetime. Learn more about the Unilock lifetime guarantee here.

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