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This Year: Patio Design is about Borders and Banding

Patio floors are no longer just functional surfaces hidden by flashy furniture and water features – in fact, many homeowners now expect their patio floor to take center stage as one of their main hardscaping features. The creative use of paving patterns, motifs, borders and banding are on the rise and can be found adorning patio floors, driveways, walkways and other paved areas, adding variation to the hardscape design and creating a ‘finished’ look. Borders and banding can be customized for a unique and eye-catching look by altering their width, shape, color combinations and textures to suit your specific landscape design. Take a look at these patio designs that have made use of borders and banding in interesting and attractive ways.

Accent pavers as a modern touch

This entrance showcases the cool, minimalist impact of Unilock’s Artline pavers in the color variation of Winter Marvel. A sleek border has been added using Series 3000 pavers that mimic the strong visual effect of granite. Geometric borders tend to add a modern touch to a patio while curved borders add a more organic, naturalistic effect. This dark border lines the space beneath each step as well – contrasting with the Ledgestone coping in both color and texture – as the Series 3000 pavers don’t share the jagged, pitted edges found on the Ledgestone coping. This contrast gives the step some added definition and allows it to stand out. It is often wise for your home and entrance to be visually linked. This can be achieved by using borders that match the dark elements within the home’s architecture. The borders here match the banding that adorns the low Lineo Dimensional Stone pillar, tying the entire hardscape together.

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Incorporating multiple textures

This driveway once again showcases the importance of reflecting the home in the hardscape. Shades found in the home’s architecture have been incorporated into the paving by utilizing Mocha Brown Series 3000 pavers. The surface texture of the border, however, is rougher and more distressed than these modern driveway pavers, creating a pleasing diversity of textures and a blend of rustic and modern aesthetics. A weathered border can be achieved through the use of Unilock’s Antara pavers, among many others.

Eye-catching accent pavers

This outdoor living area has been paved using Summer Wheat Umbriano pavers – a versatile shade that suits both rustic and modern patio designs and looks pairs well with the vibrant hues within swimming pools and plant life. This double border, which showcases the customizable width of borders, encloses the outdoor kitchen – defining it as an independent outdoor room. The outer Copthorne border matches the dark banding that runs the length of the counter while the earthy Il Campo border complements the rich shades of nearby soil beds and plant life. Accent pavers have become incredibly important, in this kitchen for example, where the absence of the motif could leave the space looking bare and uninteresting. The addition of accent pavers, whether in the form of motifs or borders, serves to draw attention to your patio floor and make it a captivating landscape feature in its own right.

Matching pavers for a cohesive hardscape design

This Umbriano patio shows the great care and deliberation that went into its use of accent pavers. Old Oak Copthorne pavers have been inlaid, flush with the patio floor, to create an innovative outdoor ‘rug’. The same pavers have been used to outline the area and have been incorporated into both the outdoor fireplace and water feature, creating a seamless link between different elements of the hardscape and adding a ‘completed’ look to the patio. These rich accent pavers create a contrast against the lighter Umbriano pavers, a striking and pleasing effect.

Borders and banding for unique flair

This Brussels Dimensional Stone wall showcases how banding (and borders) can serve as pops of color for your patio, contrasting with the rest of your patio stone rather than complementing or matching it. This homeowner decided to utilize green pavers in the surrounding vertical structures that make the warm tones within the wall pop, rather than selecting another color from the neutral palette. The surrounding greenery is also echoed in the banding, breaching the gap between hardscape and softscape. Be aware that bold-colored pavers can date a project much faster, and thought must be given to whether your color choice will remain attractive throughout the years.
This Year: Patio Design is about Borders and Banding


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