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5 Tips for Creating an Impressive Driveway

Your driveway is an introduction to your home, and as we all know, first impressions matter. The design of your driveway can influence how others view your home and landscape. Generic gravel and asphalt options scream mediocrity and monotony while concrete pavers have a more sophisticated impression. Here are a few design tips that will make your luxury paver driveway a worthy companion to your home.

Use motifs and contrasting borders

This driveway has been shaped using Brussels Block pavers in warm and inviting shades. Their surfaces are also moderately textured, resulting in a timeworn appeal that adds further rustic warmth to the design. This rich brown surface is contrasted by a black motif and dark borders of the same shade. These accent pavers echo the dark soil beds nearby, visually merging the hardscape and softscape. The central motif personalizes this unique driveway and creates a focal point that breaks up the large expanse. One of the many benefits of using concrete pavers is the wide variety of colors in which they can be found, creating endless possibilities for color combinations and contrasts. Rich earthy pavers like these always pair well with greenery and are popular candidates for tranquil, well-vegetated areas.

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Complement and enhance the home

Creating the perfect driveway involves ensuring that it doesn’t look out of place. The types of pavers used should complement the architectural style of your home. For example, the Town Hall pavers used here are excellent emulations of classic brick pavers and have been selected in a smoky shade reminiscent of Old European walkways. This paver selection pairs perfectly with the traditional elements in the architecture of the home. The pointed rooftops, window designs and stone veneers are all attractive elements of Tudor architecture, making pavers with an Old World flair perfectly compatible. These slightly textured pavers also pair well with any surrounding greenery. With their rustic textures and sophisticated uniformity, these pavers are incredibly versatile and can complement a variety of other architectural styles – contemporary homes included.

Opt for length and scenery

When designing your ideal driveway, think of it as more than a passage between the home and curb. See your driveway as a destination of its own and design it so that guests are almost disappointed to have reached its end. A scenic driveway is guaranteed to make guests appreciate their trip through your landscape, so flank your driveway with beautifully manicured hedges and flower beds. Ensure that you have proper edging in place to avoid the overgrowth of vegetation between the pavers. You can also make your driveway long enough to allow guests the time to take in the surrounding splendour by incorporating gentle curves. This show-stopping entrance has been created using Copthorne pavers in a variety of rich shades. Most importantly, these pavers complement their designated home. A classic lantern has been incorporated into the design to enhance the early 20th century aesthetic created.

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Select captivating pavers

This driveway is far from boring. It owes its captivating appearance to the paver selection and large motifs that span the surface. Each one of these Umbriano pavers bear a slightly different gradient, creating an unpredictable sea of different colors. The pavers have also been laid in a seemingly random fashion to enhance the spontaneous look of their surface. Light and dark motifs meander across the paved surface, periodically providing visual relief from the large expanse of Umbriano pavers. Their design is also curved and unpredictable, making the surface even more captivating and utterly unique.

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Use sleek pavers for a luxurious touch

This driveway showcases the timeless elegance of Unilock Umbriano pavers. These sleek pavers are available in a variety of neutral shades. Considering the prominence of nude and neutral colors in modern designs, these pavers complement any contemporary home. Their uniform edges create clean, straight jointing lines that work well with any number of geometrical elements in the hardscape. Alternatively, these striking lines can contrast more fluid shapes like the curves within the architecture of this home or the round edge of the driveway. Ultimately, Umbriano pavers communicate luxury. They have subtle gradients that mimic the grandeur of natural granite and smooth surfaces for an added touch of sophistication. They are also convenient because they are stain resistant – a valuable feature for a surface frequently exposed to oil and rainwater.
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