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6 Ideas for Adding a Touch of Color to your Driveway

The driveway is the first impression of many homes, introducing the landscape to approaching guests. Homeowners understand the importance of making the right first impression and invest in their driveways to ensure it complements and enhances the beauty of the home. Adding color to this large expanse of stone or concrete pavers is a challenge that can be conquered using some of the following techniques.

A winning color combination

This driveway has been created using Winter Marvel Umbriano pavers and a warmer Copthorne accent in Old Oak. Combining white, black and an earthy brown results in one of the most popular color palettes for paved surfaces, and one which is often used in driveway designs. The colors complement one another, making each one stand out as their own distinct point of attraction. This elegant Umbriano driveway makes use of a circular paver pattern to showcase the effect of the darker accent pavers and to draw focus to a single spot on the paved surface. By creating a focal point, one can add interest to the driveway and transform it from a monotonous expanse into a noteworthy hardscape feature. The shades used in this driveway also echo colors within the architecture of the home, complementing the home and highlighting it as the most important element of the landscape.

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A contrasting accent paver

These Dawn Mist Richcliff pavers have an incredible resemblance to natural bluestone and are ideal candidates for driveways, as true natural stone is often too brittle and expensive for these surfaces. The blue hues within these pavers are contrasted by the Burgundy Red Copthorne pavers used as an accent. The addition of these accent pavers adds greater color to the driveway design and creates a wider, more interesting color palette than if a neutral accent paver were used. The color combination created also complements the home’s traditional architecture and the earthy bricks used in its construction.

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Eye-catching garage doors

These light brown garage doors certainly stand out against the more subdued driveway pavers. The Brussels Block pavers used here can be sourced in a wide range of neutral shades perfect for contemporary homes. Their surfaces are also moderately textured with a pleasant antiqued finish, perfect for traditional hardscapes or to contrast a sleek, modern driveway design. The Courtstone accent pavers used are incredibly versatile and are guaranteed to pair well with any neutral paver selection. The combination of these two pavers results in a muted color palette that highlights the vibrant wooden garage doors.

A colorful environment

The color within your driveway doesn’t have to come from the pavers – the surrounding landscape can serve to make your neutral driveway appear more colorful and inviting. Basalt Town Hall pavers have been used to pave this romantic driveway surrounded by lush lawns and approaching a fabulous classically designed suburban home. The lighter jointing material between these smoky pavers serves to echo the cold Umbriano border and also draws attention to the intricate paver pattern used. Similarly linear pavers, such as Copthorne and Hollandstone pavers, can be arranged in a wide variety of patterns from this herringbone design to running bond designs that can make your driveway appear longer or wider. The manicured lawns, majestic trees and shrubs surrounding this driveway grant it a vibrant dose of color and have an enlightening effect on the entire area.

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Elaborate accent patterns

You can add color and interest to your driveway by incorporating a large, intricate pattern into its surface. There is virtually no limit to the variety of motifs you can create while simpler designs like this one are just as captivating. The regular shapes created by these dark Il Campo pavers give the driveway a contemporary look, as sharp geometry often does. The smoky Granite colored pavers complement and enhance the lighter undertones within the Autumn Sunset Umbriano pavers.

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A paver selection with a rich color palette

These striking Heritage Brown Il Campo pavers create a wonderfully colorful driveway while their brushed surfaces add to the rustic appeal of the landscape. Utilizing a shade like this may be daring, but can have a powerful effect on landscapes where it complements and suits the home and surrounding hardscape. This driveway is particularly suited to the wooden home it belongs to, enhancing its natural, somewhat whimsical appeal. The vibrant red tree nearby is also reflected in the paver surface, bringing the entire landscape together.

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6 Ideas for Adding a Touch of Color to your Driveway


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