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Front Entrance Paver Inspiration

It’s where you welcome guests visiting for the holidays and greet the kids after school each day. While it may not sound like a massive undertaking, a Unilock front entrance is sure to create a lasting impression for guests entering your home. If you are looking for front entrance paver ideas to make your home stand out from the crowd, Unilock has got you covered.
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Large vs. Small Pavers - Which is best?

Unilock offers a vast selection of pavers in a range of different colors, styles and textures to fit your unique design vision. Before you break ground, it’s important to consider the size of your entryway to see which pavers will suit your space. If you have a large entryway, large format pavers provide a clean, sleek appearance without distracting the eye from other outdoor features. Smaller, narrow entryways may need smaller pavers, which provides many opportunities to play with intricate details, such as borders and accents, that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve with large format pavers.

Design to complement your home’s features

Do you live in an ultra-modern home or a historic residence? While it’s important that your front entrance serves its core function as a space to greet guests, the exterior of your home should also serve as a backdrop for the design, textures, and colors you select. For a unified look and feel, a popular design technique is to mimic, augment, or complement the preexisting architectural characteristics of your home and other landscape elements that surround the space.

Beautify your entryway for grand curb appeal

Any realtor will tell you that homes with outstanding entrances sell faster and for more money. Dress up your space with planter boxes made from a Unilock wall product or a lovely zigzagging paver pattern for a nice, inviting style. Borders, planters, seat walls, and pillars give basic yet distinctive touches to your design while improving your home's overall curb appeal.

Uplift your entryway with vertical features

Turn an ordinary entrance into an extraordinary one by incorporating a number of vertical features. Pillars help draw the eye toward the front of the home and can be used to delineate the steps leading up to your front door. A stunning water feature evokes a soothing ambience that calms the mind and makes for a truly elegance design touch.

Spruce up your entryway with softscaping

Soften those hard paver edges with gentle softscaping around your paver entryway. Decorative planters, patio lanterns, or a garden wall with colorful flower beds are simple and effective ways to spruce up the muted tones, and will complement any home’s style.

Permeable Pavers - Beauty and sustainability in one package

More and more homeowners are switching to permeable pavers because they carry a number of environmentally-friendly benefits. Aside from their aesthetic beauty, permeable pavers are designed with special spacer bars that allow rainwater to seep back into the subsoil. This reduces the amount of water flowing back into storm drains, which carries harmful pollutants back into streams and rivers. Some municipalities offer tax-saving incentives for switching to permeable pavers, which is a bonus!

Ensure the path to the door is safe

When it comes to the design of your front entrance, safety is paramount. Navigating a walkway to the front door can be especially tricky at night if you don’t have proper lighting installed. Consider adding patio lights to your pavers leading up the front steps, and patio lanterns adjacent to your front door to help guide guests in without encountering a trip hazard. You'll want to ensure the pavers you choose for your front entrance are safe to walk on in wet or snowy weather. For greater strength and resistance to wear and fading over time, we recommend slip-resistant Unilock EnduraColor™ products.

Safeguard your entryway design with edge restraints

Edge restraints are essential. Without them, your pavers may shift, or “creep” out of place under freeze-thaw conditions, or the pressure from walking on your entryway. An invisible edge system spiked into the base material is one simple method. Most job sites have some form of an edge restraint, like the foundational wall of a home or garage, but edge restraint is required in all other locations.

Scale, Proportion and Function

The best entryways are those that factor scale, proportion, and function into the overall design scheme. You may not realize this, but your front walkway should never be less than 4 feet wide at any point so you and your guests can move about with maximum comfort. Additionally, your walkway should extend along the driveway 16 feet to allow easy access from a car parked in the driveway.

Maintaining your Unilock entryway pavers for life

When you invest in Unilock, you are investing in a high-quality product that is designed to last a lifetime. In order to keeping your paver surface as pristine as the day it was installed, you must take care to ensure that you are protecting your pavers from the changing weather patterns.

Take on seasonal stains with ease

A stiff broom with gentle bristles combined with a soap and water solution is the easiest, most effective way to handle pesky stains that may develop on your entryway pavers. This includes dirt, mud, and efflorescence, to common food stains like ketchup, wine and grease. Don’t use a wire brush, as the wire bristles may cause scratching and damage the surface of your pavers. In addition, pavers in our EnduraColor™ and Elegance™ collection are infused with EasyClean™ technology, an integral stain resistance that ensures easier cleanup of spills before a stain can develop.

Reduce slip risks by removing snow and ice

Ice build-up on your walkway can lead to potential slips, trips and falls, especially at your front entrance. Use calcium-based products or sodium chloride (otherwise known as rock salt) to clear ice. Avoid magnesium-based de-icing salt products, as they are very aggressive and may cause damage to the surface of pavers. When clearing snow, always use a plastic shovel or the blade guards on a snow plow when cleaning snow off your driveway because metal will scratch the paver's surface as well.

Clean and seal your Unilock entryway

Pre-sealed products have a surface that is protected from salt damage, acid erosion, weed development, and algae growth. High-end pre-sealed products, like the ones in our EnduraColor™ collection, have a refined surface that resists the appearance of fading over time. If you decide to use an after-market sealer, you will need to reseal your walkway every 3 to 5 years.

Choose the best paver, not the cheapest

Did you know pavers typically only amount to 20% of the overall budget on any outdoor project? The other 80% comes down to labor. Remember that the cheapest option is rarely the best option. Our Unilock pavers come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors, so we know there is something that’ll fit your budget and match beautifully with your home. Our EnduraColor™ and Elegance™ products offer exceptional durability, color retention and are aesthetically pleasing in any outdoor space. Your friends and family will want to stop and admire the view.

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