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Stylish Bordering and Accents to Enhance your Driveway

Over the decades, driveways have transitioned from purely functional gravel or asphalt surfaces, to paved centerpieces. A paved driveway can contribute enormous curb appeal to your home and creates the perfect first impression for your landscape. The simplest paving borders and accents can be used to create a driveway that is noticeably more ‘put-together’. Feel free to draw inspiration from the following stunning driveway designs.

Merging warm and cool tones

This elegant driveway has been created using Unilock Umbriano pavers in the ashy Winter Marvel color variation. Although the shade may be muted, these pavers bear exquisite color gradients to complement their fine textures. The cold undertones within these pavers also serve to create a striking contrast against the warm Old Oak Copthorne accent pavers. These small, linear pavers have been laid in a circular formation, creating a focal point in the driveway. It is also important that the driveway complement the adjacent home. The Copthorne accent pavers used echo shades within the architecture of the home, visually linking the two structures.

Black as a versatile accent color

This Umbriano driveway gains noticeable variation and style from the addition of small black accent pavers. A large expanse of identical stone can often appear monotonous and can fail to draw attention. An understated rectangle of Basalt Courtstone pavers can allow the surrounding driveway pavers to ‘pop’, while integrating more than one shade into the driveway can be more even more aesthetically pleasing. Pavers bearing sandy undertones are guaranteed to complement darker accent pavers, while the color combination makes their own shades appear lighter and more vibrant. This driveway also makes use of shades within the architecture of the home, resulting in a more cohesive hardscape.

Curved accents for an elegant touch

This stunning driveway has been created using Umbriano pavers in the warm Autumn Sunset color variation. The clean edges and refined surface textures of these pavers can add a sense of indoor luxury to outdoor spaces. Heritage Brown Il Campo pavers have been used to create dark, elaborate curves that contribute a whimsical element to the design. This graceful accent is complemented by a romantic scattering of small lights, as well as the home’s traditional architectural style and use of natural stone.

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Understated designs with maximum impact

This Copthorne driveway is greatly enhanced by the addition of a Brussels Block border in the striking Limestone color variation. This double border serves to outline the perimeter of the driveway, creating a beautiful contrast against the deep greens within the nearby lawns. The light tones of these accent pavers also highlight the rich burgundy shades of the Copthorne pavers, enhancing the overall color palette of the landscape design. Once again, the importance of linking the home and driveway is demonstrated by the similar shades of the walls and accent pavers.

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Winning color combinations for modern driveways

Just like the pairing of orange and grey or white and olive green, there are certain color combinations that are widely used in the modern age for their chic look and the beautiful contrasts they create. One such color combination used in hardscaping is showcased here. We have established that black is incredibly versatile and many modern homeowners are leaning towards pairing it with earthy browns and a touch of beige or white. This driveway design utilizes Basalt Courtstone pavers and rich Burgundy Red Copthorne pavers to create a suburban masterpiece. This color combination is also famous for its compatibility with natural landscapes.

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Finding the perfect color palette

One important requirement for a paving border or accent is that it complements the surrounding stone and does not distract or clash with it. Ensure that you decide on the perfect combination of complementary colors before making any paver purchases. Having a contrasting color is a good way to add variation and interest to a paver design, but the remaining colors should blend in with one another and share common undertones. Sticking to a neutral palette is always safe, as these colors are versatile and pair well with one another in virtually any combination. This driveway, for example, has made use of warm Mocha Brown Series 3000 pavers alongside black and burgundy – two muted shades with dark undertones. The third lighter color used serves to contrast the rest and draw attention to the driveway surface.
Stylish Bordering and Accents to Enhance your Driveway NY


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