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Benefits of Enclosing your Patio with Retaining Walls or Low Walls

Retaining walls are reliable structures used to neaten slopes and keep erosion at bay. However, they’re also favorites for enclosing different outdoor areas and creating division within a large hardscape. Defining the boundaries of your patio or creating distinction between different ‘outdoor rooms’ is a hardscaping technique that serves to make any patio design appear more stylish and professionally put-together. Here are a few of the stylish benefits of using retaining walls.

Creating a 3-dimensional landscape

Consider moulding a captivating landscape by allowing your outdoor area to spread over more than one platform, one on a higher level than the next. The different levels can be joined by stairways, while retaining walls neaten the slope between them. This RomanWall retaining wall from Unilock creates a pleasant contrast against the vibrant green shrubs and rich brown soil surrounding it. This material is also exquisitely textured to echo certain shapes and textures in the surrounding nature. The versatility of Unilock retaining wall materials is showcased by the elegant water feature nestled within the slope. This retaining wall, separating one outdoor area from another, has been transformed into a gorgeous focal point by exploiting different dimensions, plant beds and a tranquil water feature.

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Filling retaining wall borders with vibrant flowers

Allowing the retaining walls segregating your patio to enclose beautiful plant beds makes full use of this dual purpose structure. Incorporating the unique shades and shapes of nature into your patio can also serve as a relief from a monotonous surface or structures filling the space. This classic retaining wall has been created using Brussels Dimensional Stone in the striking Sandstone color variation. This shade pairs well with the rich Heritage Brown Il Campo pavers used as an accent. This paver combination also serves to echo the color palette of the nearby home, visually linking the hardscape and home.

Retaining walls that echo other vertical elements

The low wall surrounding this contemporary patio has been created using the same sleek Lineo Dimensional Stone showcased by the stunning fire table. The warm Sierra color variation used bears rich chocolate shades that contrast the colder patio floor, while its subtle blue hues complement the jewel-toned accent pillows. Lineo Dimensional Stone bears crisp edges and a clean finish that complements modern, minimalist designs and can add a touch of luxury to your outdoor space. By constructing the low wall and fire table from the same material, the designers have achieved a cohesive design that flows seamlessly from one hardscape element to the next.

Geometric retaining walls to complement modern hardscape designs

As mentioned before, crisp clean edges are a staple for modern hardscape designs. These regular shapes can either be incorporated on a small scale, in the paver selection, or on a larger scale in the overall design of the retaining wall or fire pit. This cozy fireside spot is enclosed by a geometric retaining wall, while cleaner edges can be seen in the furniture arrangement and square fire pit. The result is visually pleasing in its symmetry and simplicity. The neutral tones in the upholstery and paver selection are also a key characteristic of modern designs, and are not only versatile but also bear timeless beauty. As a personalized touch, rather irregular Estate Wall blocks have been used to create the retaining wall and fire pit, their rustic textures contrasting other sleek, more contemporary elements within the design.

Retaining walls for emergency seating space

This tranquil patio surrounded by lush greenery and isolated behind a veil of trees, bears a stunning fire pit for added evening appeal. In addition to the pair of comfortable chairs surrounding the fire pit, the nearby retaining wall can be used as additional seating when guests come by. The coping is smooth so that clothes don’t snag or become damaged by rough, textured concrete or brick. This spacious patio makes excellent use of its enclosing walls, incorporating vegetation into the wall and allowing it to climb up the slope – creating the vertical dimensions discussed earlier. Pillars are excellent pieces with which to end off retaining walls, as they can hold light fixtures and make the retaining walls appear more ‘complete’. Beacon Hill Flagstone in the Bavarian color variation has been used to create this outdoor oasis; a rich and textured paver selection that serves to complement any surrounding vegetation.

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