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Minimalism Is Out! 4 Unilock Pavers for Eye-Catching Walkways in 2017

Minimalism not your thing? You’re not alone. While many homeowners are more than comfortable with large, sleek pavers that most modern designs are built upon, there are just as many homeowners (you?) that prefer to abandon the minimalist trend with fuller, richer design concepts. If this is you, here are some pavers that can bring timeless warmth and style to your walkways.


These pavers are excellent candidates for suburban homes tucked away under large, shady trees. They are available in a rich array of colors that contribute warmth to any landscape and look spectacular beside plants. Most modern designers opt for more subdued colors and neutral shades instead. However, as this beautiful driveway illustrates, Copthorne pavers are just as suited to modern homes and can even provide rich variation with their rustic shades and textures. Consider using Copthorne pavers, in a striking color, as the edging for a relatively neutral or colorless walkway. The striking contrast created will give the paved surface a unique touch.

Brussels Block

The Classic range of pavers by Unilock is the perfect catalogue from which to select wholesome pavers with time-worn flair. Brussels Block pavers are popular candidates for a wide range of hardscape designs and architectural styles. Their weathered surface textures and neutral shades pair well with modern materials like distressed wood. Combining these pavers with textured materials and interesting fabrics can create an authentic bohemian poolside patio, for example. Consider opting for a similarly showstopping design that experiments with different cultural characteristics rather than creating a more austere minimalist walkway. This extravagant lakeside patio, for instance, showcases the elegant effect that a large expanse of Brussels Block pavers can have. This homeowner has created sweeping retaining walls that double as casual seating and provide excellent points from which to appreciate the lake. Incorporate retaining walls alongside your walkways in a similar way, allowing them to frame the walkway and provide spontaneous spots from which to relax and admire the landscape.

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Town Hall

Town Hall pavers have a quaint appearance that can be used to create inviting walkways shrouded in shrubs and trees. Their compact, linear design also makes them an ideal candidate for driveways, as they can be laid in various patterns that make the surface more intriguing. Town Hall pavers are available in a variety of deep, rich colors that stand out and add a personalized touch to your hardscape. In addition to their warm, timeless look, these pavers are also eco-friendly. Their permeable structures allow any rainwater to return to the underlying ecosystem rather than build-up on the paved surface. This patio showcases the 3 color blend that Town Hall pavers are available in. The slight variation in color between adjacent pavers adds dimension to the flat surface and creates an eye-catching depth. The pavers also contrast the white of the exterior of the home beautifully, while the nearby shrubs enhance their earthy undertones.

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Despite the age-old flair that these pavers possess, they are imbued with the latest and most innovative concrete technologies. EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes from Unilock ensures that they are composed of state-of-the-art materials that make them highly resistant to fading. Furthermore, Ultima Concrete Technology grants every Courtstone paver four times the strength of poured concrete.
In addition to offering excellent quality, these pavers are versatile and suit a wide variety of applications, including high-traffic areas like walkways. They won’t crack under frequent pressure or heavy loads, but if one paver were to become damaged, it could easily be replaced without disturbing the rest of the walkway. This entrance utilizes the powerful visual impact of the Basalt color variation, which pairs gorgeously with the nude shades that are found in the architecture of the home. A similar shade has been used to create borders, further uniting the home and driveway for a cohesive landscape and balanced, well distributed color.

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This homeowner opted for dark jointing material and as a result the paved surface looks both elegant and refined, leaving no lines to interrupt the gaze. However, a contrasting jointing material could also be used for a more rustic appeal. Contrasting jointing material highlights the textured, irregular edges of every unique paver and creates a thoroughly multi-dimensional surface.

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Minimalism is out! 4 Unilock pavers for eye-catching walkways in 2017 NY


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