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Essential Hardscaping Elements for a Complete Landscape

If you’re an ambitious homeowner ready to pull out all the stops in your landscape, note that there are certain must-have hardscape elements to invest in. An outdoor kitchen, for example, can transform a modest barbecue into an unforgettable dining experience. Here are a few similar hardscaping projects to embark on for a more finished landscape design.

A fire feature for evening ambience

Warm your guests with a fireplace surrounded by comfortable seating and prolong your fun into the chilly evening hours. A low wall can be used to partially enclose your fire pit, defining the fireside area as a distinct outdoor room and creating a sense of privacy. The low wall can also serve as a casual seating option. Consider adorning the wall with accent pillows to make guests more comfortable. Remember to ensure that you select smooth coping that won’t damage their clothes. The accent pillows used here add the perfect pop of color to an otherwise cool color palette, so be sure not to underestimate the powerful visual effect these additions can have. The fire pit and surrounding wall have been created using Rivercrest Wall. Continuing the use of a single material throughout the design results in a more uniform product.

A tranquil water feature for your garden getaway

Nothing has as relaxing an effect as the sound of running water. Consider adding a dynamic water feature to a quiet corner within your landscape and surround it with comfortable benches from which to relax and enjoy the outdoors. This feature has been created using sleek Lineo Dimensional Stone that grants it a distinctly modern appeal. In contrast, the designer has added rustic planters, candleholders and plenty of plants to the area. The Richcliff pavers underfoot are also exquisitely textured and have a subtle rustic appeal that pairs well with the smoother Lineo Dimensional Stone.

An outdoor kitchen for optimal entertainment

Having your own outdoor kitchen complete with a grill island and refrigerator can eliminate taxing trips between the home and patio. Create a spacious, practical kitchen where food can be prepared, utensils can be stored and appliances are shielded from the elements. This luxurious kitchen showcases the elegance of Unilock Porcelain Tile in the smoky Graustein Caesar variation – perfect for any contemporary hardscaping project. Comfortable seating and entertainment surround the kitchen rather than isolating the cook. Many people enjoy watching food being prepared or prefer to lend a hand and would find this central, inviting kitchen ideal.

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Low walls and pillars

Organize your patio by using low walls to define different outdoor rooms with specific functions. This low wall separates the kitchen from the fireside area so that guests can migrate from room to room depending on whether they are keen to chat or are searching for a snack. This low wall showcases the beautiful timeworn textures of Unilock Estate Wall and it’s surprising compatibility with the smooth Umbriano pavers underfoot. Despite their sleek surfaces, Umbriano pavers emulate the look of natural granite using spontaneous distributions of color within their surfaces. It is important that the Ledgestone coping used here is smooth, as guests might choose to use these walls as casual seating options.

A dreamy poolside paradise

The pool is often the main attraction at any summer barbecue, luring children and adults alike. There are various accessories, including underwater lighting and waterfalls, that can make your pool even more inviting. The cold Umbriano pavers and Rivercrest Wall verticals surrounding this pool serve to highlight the vibrant blues of the water. Similarly, these grey materials allow the greens and browns within the surrounding landscape to stand out. Despite their sleek surfaces, these Umbriano pavers are both non-slip and stain resistant, making them an ideal candidate for poolside areas.

A show-stopping patio floor

Last, but definitely not least: pay careful attention to the pavers beneath your feet. The patio floor weaves in between the vertical hardscape elements, helping to bring them all together into one finished masterpiece. It is incredibly important that your patio floor complements the surrounding hardscape, but bears a certain flair of its own. You can make your patio floor shine by selecting pavers with incredible textures or with beautiful, unpredictable patterns and colors. The Umbriano pavers used here have uniquely speckled surfaces, for example. The thick borders lining each outdoor room also serve to draw one’s eye to the floor. Most importantly, all the pavers selected agree with the color palette used throughout the rest of the hardscape design.
Essential Hardscaping Elements for a Complete Landscape NY


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