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Creating Outdoor Kitchens Fit for Entertaining

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A beautiful, spacious patio fully equipped with a kitchen and comfortable seating is a must-have for any family or avid outdoor entertainer. Investing in an outdoor kitchen will make your get-togethers simpler and more enjoyable, allowing for quick access to snacks and drinks and include you, the chef, in the festivities. Using these tips to create a stylish yet functional outdoor kitchen will eliminate all those trips between the home and grill.

Embrace the essentials

Not only should your outdoor kitchen have access to running water and electricity, it should also be able to accommodate four basic processes: prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning. Grills, sinks, refrigerators and warming trays are common elements of an outdoor kitchen, but small additions such as trash cans are easy to forget until they are needed. Allow for plenty of storage space and large countertops upon which to place items. These should be constructed using waterproof materials that are durable enough to withstand temperature changes. Sheltering your entertainment area under a stylish roof or pergola will ensure smooth entertainment come rain or shine. When installing an outdoor kitchen under a structure such as a pergola, plenty of space should be left between the ceiling and appliances, especially grills and cookers. Every outdoor kitchen should be designed for optimal ventilation to prevent fires. Lighting is an essential feature of any outdoor kitchen, and can be placed above or underneath countertops in order to extend your time spent entertaining and ensure a safe environment.

The importance of location

If you prefer prepping food from your indoor kitchen, placing your outdoor kitchen adjacent to this part of your house will allow you to move back and forth quickly. Determine the wind patterns in your landscape before deciding on a location for your outdoor kitchen to ensure that not too much smoke blows back into the house. An outdoor kitchen located near a comfortable gathering spot, such as a fire pit or furniture arrangement, will allow you to mingle with guests while cooking. Also ensure that your kitchen won’t ruin the view from inside your home.

Plan from the ground up

Designing your outdoor kitchen will begin with establishing the layout of its floor and the materials from which the floor will be built. Constructing your kitchen on an existing deck will call for an inspection of the deck to ensure that it is in a condition fit to support your appliances. You may also want to invest in re-staining the wood to match your kitchen’s design. A careful flooring selection will result in a durable and attractive end product. The weather patterns of your area, ease of cleaning and the weight of your appliances should be considered when designing your kitchen floor.

Create an inviting space

People tend to enjoy watching the cook in action. Constructing a bar top along your kitchen’s perimeter will allow guests to chat to the cook without getting in the way. Including a beer tap and mini fridge for drinks will also attract guests to the kitchen but should be placed at the ends of countertops to avoid their interference with the cooking. A large kitchen with plenty of counter space can cater for guests who would like to help prepare the food.

Add your own Style

Making your kitchen the focal point of your outdoor entertainment area will not only attract guests to it, but will also create flow within the space as the party will be centered around a common point. Coordinating or contrasting your flooring, countertops and cabinets with one another will result in a stylish customized design. Pairing a cold stone such as Unilock’s Limestone in Midnight Shadow with steel creates sleek, modern cabinets and countertops which contrast strikingly against the warmth of stained wood. Chairs adorned with comfortable accent cushions, tables, decorative items and a television set or fire feature can turn a cold, functional kitchen into a relaxing domain for eating and entertaining.


A beautiful kitchen is worthless once it puts your family and guests in danger. Grills should never be placed in areas of high traffic or where children tend to play. The area should also be well-lit at all times. Materials that are slippery when wet, such as tiles and marble, should be avoided as flooring, especially when an entertainment area is located near a swimming pool or hot tub. Thornbury pavers, which have a rugged texture perfect for the poolside, come in a wide variety of colors and are permeable, allowing water to seep into the soil below.


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