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Using Pavers to Create a Striking Transition from Softscaping to Hardscaping

Having a combination of natural softscapes and well-designed hardscapes can round out your backyard, allowing it to be both entertaining and tranquil in equal measure. Modern additions like outdoor kitchens can be paired with sprawling lawns or plenty of trees for a balanced landscape design. However, a smooth transition between pavers and plants is essential and plenty of thought should be given to textures and shades within your paver selection. Here are a few examples of stunning transitions between hardscapes and their surrounding greenery.

Country-style designs complement green landscapes

This sunny patio looks out over a breathtaking horizon scattered with trees and covered by a lush, manicured lawn. The patio is also near a dam, which can serve as the perfect spot for the kids to take an adventurous dip in summer and let their imaginations run wild. This large expanse of nature is beautifully complemented by the colors and textures within the patio design. Pops of orange and blue add a hearty touch of personality to its otherwise muted color palette, while the traditional patterns and stripes have a distinct country feel. The Umbriano pavers underfoot have a very relaxed appearance and were selected in a subtle shade of grey that allows the surrounding greens of the lawn to ‘pop’. The upholstered sofa and chairs paired with rustic ornaments and plant holders serve to enhance the traditional aesthetic of the patio. The geometric fire pit, however, is an addition with relatively modern flair as its linear design is similar to those in more contemporary hardscape designs. Rounder designs tend to have a more campfire-like appeal and help to create a cozy, rustic atmosphere. Umbriano pavers have sleek, clean edges that echo the geometry of the fire pit and prevent it from seeming out of place in the otherwise traditional patio design.

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Blurring the lines between hardscaping and softscaping

This outdoor area bears magnificent flow and harmony between its hardscape and softscape. The borders between plants and pavers are curved and spontaneous, creating an almost ying yang style balance between grass and paver. The island of grass and central plant bed serve to further integrate nature into the paved area. This patio is covered with textured Beacon Hill Flagstone which is an excellent substitute for natural stone. One might consider choosing this concrete paver over authentic natural stone for projects that are exposed to harsh weather and heavy loads, as concrete is far more durable than quarried stone. Unilock concrete pavers, in particular, are imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology which grants them four times the strength of poured concrete. Natural stones and their substitutes are always excellent candidates for green landscapes as they blend seamlessly into the softscape and their textures are incredibly similar to those found in the surrounding nature. The cool color of these pavers once again serves to make any surrounding greenery stand out. This patio also incorporates a wooden pergola for shade during sunny summer afternoons at the pool. The wooden structure pairs well with surrounding vegetation and links the hardscape and softscape even further.

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A winning paver combination for natural landscapes

This Courtstone driveway is enclosed by a double border of pavers, resulting in a popular color combination that pairs brilliantly with any surrounding greenery. The dark Basalt shade of the Courtstone pavers is contrasted by a light outer border of Brussels Block pavers. The inner border is comprised of rich Burgundy Red Copthorne pavers that add greater depth to the overall color palette. The earthy Copthorne pavers also complement any surrounding soil beds, enhancing their compatibility with natural landscapes. The combination of all three pavers results in a wonderfully balanced paver selection that works well with most suburban homes. Beside the light Brussels Block pavers, vibrant green lawns and plants pop! The timeworn texture of these pavers also serves to complement any rough textures one might find within surrounding soil and stone. This selection of pavers is highly effective as every component serves to enhance the surrounding greenery – including the dark Courtstone pavers that make the nearby lawn look brighter. The combination is also versatile enough to suit a wide variety of architectural styles, including this classic suburban home.

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