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8 Ways to Add Color to your Outdoor Living Spaces

Landscaping Ideas for NY, CT, PA, NJ, Pavers
Take a hint from top landscape designers and utilize the power of color to elevate your backyard’s aesthetic. Adding color to your landscape is a smart way to introduce contrast to all sections of your property, brightening dark, drab areas, or balancing out overly blank spaces. And adding color to your landscape don’t just have to involve a fresh coat of paint. Think like professional landscape designers and achieve a colorful landscape using these 8 ways to add color to your landscape.

NY, NJ, PA, CT Landscaping Ideas, Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor fireplace

  1. Colorful Outdoor Furniture

Furniture boosts the functionality of any outdoor living space, so why not use it to introduce visual interest, as well? Adding color to your landscape is easy with outdoor furniture accents. Vibrantly hued cushions, tinted patio tables, lively wicker chairs, and colorful, weather-proof sofas all contribute to the appeal of an outdoor space. Incorporating fresh style into your landscape doesn’t have to require a whole new furniture set. Work with existing elements by adding accent pillows or reupholstering a favorite outdoor couch.

NY, NJ, PA, CT Landscaping Ideas, Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor fireplace

  1. Augment with Pavers

Employ the art of subtlety when adding color to your landscape. Paver borders, bands, inlays, and other accents bring entirely new dimensions to outdoor spaces, balancing out boring areas with dynamic hints of color. Unilock richly-colored Copthorne Paver used as a border, for instance, highlights the neutral tones of a main paver such as Unilock Richcliff paver backdrop, while warm natural stone flooring can lend an impressive depth of color to any space. Concrete paver accents provide wonderful opportunities to incorporate color into your landscape design. Choose striking styles which match your main pavers’ laying pattern and color. For more inspiration and landscaping design ideas, view the Unilock Catalog here.

NY, NJ, PA, CT Landscaping Ideas, Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor fireplace

  1. Plant for Added Color

One time-tested way to add color to your landscape? Naturally ‘paint’ your yard with an array of flowering plants. Take a walk around your local nursery’s annuals section and observe which varieties immediately grab your attention. Annuals allow you to play around with a diverse selection of colors, shapes, and textures year to year, so don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Include blooming plants around your home’s foundation, atop retaining walls, and among planting beds throughout your landscape.

  1. Add a Pop with Potted Details

While traditional flowers are one way of adding color to your landscape, strategically choosing their containers is yet another. Pick up where blooming plants leave off with colorful pots, taking care not to shy away from bright shades of red, blue, orange, and magenta. Think bold and dramatic when selecting containers for your landscape’s plants, as they can instantly jazz up uniformly colored plant beds, neutral patio spaces, or dark, shady spots in your yard.

Landscaping Ideas, Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor fireplace

  1. Put Up a Wall

Introduce a distinct and gorgeous focal point to your landscape with a brilliantly-hued, textured retaining wall. Show-stoppers like the Unilock Rivercrest Wall work beautifully in outdoor spaces, lending subtle, albeit rich color to neutral backdrops. Try incorporating pavers that work to complement the colors found in the retaining wall, resulting in a cohesive design.

NY, NJ, PA, CT Landscaping Ideas, Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor fireplace

  1. Strength in Repetition

A cohesive design is foundational to any impressive landscape, so be wary of mixing too many diverse elements when adding color to your landscape. A good general rule is, the bolder your accents, the more uniform your color palette should be. For a daring, modern look, nestle tall plantings within bright red pots, surrounding the area with accent walls in the same hue. Landscape plants can generate the same bold effect, so think about how consistency can reinforce a flashy, yet united color palate.

NY, NJ, PA, CT Landscaping Ideas, Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor fireplace

  1. Subtle Ways to Add Color

Aside from contributing to a strong landscape design, repetition may also be used to define softer, subtler color patterns. Keep seemingly unrelated elements in mind when adding color to your landscape. From furniture fabrics to light fixtures, every detail in your yard should relate to one another. Match accent candles to the annuals that adorn your pool patio, or choose umbrella colors which complement your favorite entertaining dishware.

NY, NJ, PA, CT Landscaping Ideas, Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor fireplace

  1. Details, Details

Remember, little things matter just as much – if not more – than major aspects of your landscape. Survey your yard from every possible angle to get a sense of where, how many, and which colors are needed. Be creative about how you remedy each section that seems lacking. Spruce up a patio area by throwing a distinctive blanket over your outdoor sofa, or lay out colorful covers on your poolside loungers in the summertime. Think of attending to the details like a game, making sure to leave no stone unturned.

Add Color to your outdoor living space NY, CT, NJ, PA


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