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Rich Texture or Smooth? Choosing Concrete Pavers for your Hardscaping

The perfect texture for your pavers can depend on a range of factors, from the aesthetic of your hardscape to the architectural style of your home. The main goal when selecting a particularly textured paver is to have that finish complement the other materials used in the hardscape. This can be achieved either by matching the texture or creating a stark contrast between smooth and coarse. Contrasts can be achieved by incorporating accent pavers and borders or simply by allowing the plant life of your property to stand in clear juxtaposition to the hardscaping materials used. Here are a few designs that utilize different textures in stunning ways to give you inspiration for doing the same with your hardscaping project.

A natural pool deck

This poolside area has been created using Thornbury pavers in the soothing Almond Grove color variation. These pavers are modestly textured and perfect partners to the green, wooded landscape beyond. Irregular Courtstone pavers form a border that defines both the pool and patio area. These pavers are often incorporated into rustic patio designs as their irregular edges can add a touch of authenticity to any stone surface, allowing it to appear more natural. The crude surface textures of the paver selection also complement the pond-like pool, which has a curved design and deep blue water to contribute to the look of an isolated oasis in the middle of this natural setting. In addition, the poolside water feature bears the textures of natural stone and incorporates plenty of greenery. However, textured pavers don’t necessarily translate to unsophisticated landscape designs. Despite the unrefined textures and wild vegetation used, luxurious recliners and state-of-the-art concrete pavers transform this untamed backyard into a resort-like getaway in the middle of the woods.

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Antique finishes for traditional architecture

The Brussels Block pavers used to shape this beautiful patio have rugged surfaces that contribute timeless warmth to any patio, but are especially suited to rustic designs. Their unique texture gives them the look of natural quarried stone with all the durability of concrete. The towering fireplace and romantic furniture arrangement emphasize the traditional aesthetic of this patio, while the timeworn look of the patio floor complements it brilliantly. The low wall enclosing the space has been constructed using Brussels Dimensional System, which bears similar textures to the patio floor and creates a cohesive hardscape design.

Sleek, smooth pavers for modern elegance

This patio showcases the elegance of smooth Unilock Artline pavers and their compatibility with contemporary hardscape designs. These linear plank-like pavers come in a variety of sizes that can be combined into an intricate paver pattern for a truly captivating patio floor. The smoky Steel Mountain color variation used here is neutral enough to complement almost any modern hardscape, as most current trends incorporate plenty of similarly muted shades. These cool colored pavers echo the grill’s chrome finish and create a pleasant contrast against the vibrant greens in the lawn beside them. Basalt Town Hall pavers enclose the outdoor kitchen and fire pit area, defining each space as a separate outdoor room and prevent the lawn from invading either area. Town Hall pavers are slightly textured, which can be refreshing when paired with smoother Artline pavers. Copthorne and Hollandstone pavers are equally good candidates for the edging around your walkway or patio and bear a similar design with their own unique details. The fire pit and counter have been created using Lineo Dimensional Stone, which echoes the sleek linear design of Artline pavers and serves to visually link the vertical elements of the hardscape to the patio floor.

Suburban trends and their textures

This driveway has been created using Town Hall pavers that successfully emulate the classic suburban look of brick surfaces. These pavers can be sourced in various rich shades from Burgundy Red to Old Oak, all of which pair beautifully with the sunny green landscapes typical of suburban homes. This Town Hall driveway also blends seamlessly into the adjacent home by mimicking the bricks within its architecture. These pavers are moderately textured but kind to bare feet and are excellent candidates for driveways and walkways as they perform well under heavy loads. Town Hall pavers also accommodate permeable installation methods, bettering the environment by replenishing the water table.

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