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These Unilock Technologies Make Outdoor Kitchens Unbeatable

A stunning outdoor kitchen is a poor investment if the materials used in its construction are not reliable. Durable products that won’t chip, stain or fade ensure the long-lasting beauty of your outdoor kitchen. Unilock pavers are crafted using a variety of innovative technologies that enhance their appearance, durability and texture for just this purpose. These are some of the Unilock technologies that ensure our pavers are of the highest quality.

EnduraColor Facemix Technology

This brilliant technology is involved in the making of all the pavers within the EnduraColor product line. These pavers are comprised of a base of coarse aggregates that acts as a strong foundation, overlaid with finer aggregates. These finer aggregates are wear-resistant and bear incredibly concentrated colors. This allows EnduraColor products to resist fading, as the topmost layer conceals the large, lighter color aggregates beneath and ensures that they never show through. These Il Campo pavers are imbued with EnduraColor Facemix Technology, ensuring that their brilliant earthy colors withstand the test of time. These pavers can also be found in more muted Granite and Coffee Creek shades, which are extremely versatile and pair well with a variety of hardscape designs. They are also topped with exquisite textures that add interest to the paved surface and emulate the unique feel of natural stone.

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Reala Surface Technology

This romantic outdoor bar has been constructed using Rivercrest Wall from Unilock. Rivercrest Wall serves to emulate the classic appearance of stacked flagstone which has been used in the construction of various structures for centuries. Although it bears the unbeatable strength of a concrete product, its natural surface textures are incredibly convincing. These authentic textures have been made possible by casting them from real natural stone – an innovation known as Reala Surface Technology. Textures can also be cast from bricks and cobblestones to create Courtstone and Copthorne pavers, for example. The natural textures and irregular shapes that make up a Rivercrest Wall complement natural landscapes like this one. This cool Coastal Slate shade is the perfect companion to the jet-black banding and dark wooden pergola. Umbriano pavers in a similar shade have been used to create the patio floor, resulting in a cohesive hardscape design. Pairing cool, muted colors with vibrant green landscapes can often create an unforgettable contrast.

Ultima Concrete Technology

This central outdoor kitchen is surrounded by a large expanse of Copthorne pavers in a blend of different shades. These pavers also form a thin banding that runs along the bar, visually linking the patio floor to other elements of the hardscape. Copthorne pavers are excellent candidates for surfaces exposed to wear and tear as they are imbued with four times the strength of poured concrete. This revolutionary technology also allows pavers to bear incredible loads and withstand constant traffic. In the unlikely event that a Copthorne paver does become damaged, it can be lifted and replaced without interfering with the rest of the paved surface. These low-maintenance pavers can also be laid in a variety of intricate patterns with different visual effects.

ColorFusion Technology

Natural granite is sought after for its personality. Each stone bears unique spots, speckles and color gradients that can be emulated by concrete products manufactured using ColorFusion Technology. This process imbues the pavers with random surface details and color gradients for an elegant granite-like look. Notice the spontaneous spots of dark brown coloring in these Summer Wheat Umbriano pavers. They add interest and variation to a large expanse of stone, ensuring that no paver is identical to another. Umbriano pavers are also excellent candidates for modern kitchen designs as they have clean, sharp edges and sleek surfaces.

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EasyClean Stain Resistance

Every kitchen experiences its share of spills and messes, which is why a stain resistant foundation is often essential. These smooth Artline pavers have protected surfaces that make cleaning easier and prevent the formation of stains. These pavers can be sourced in a variety of neutral colors that suit an even greater variety of outdoor kitchens. Their linear design is especially suited to contemporary kitchens, while their cool French Grey and Winter Marvel color variations blend in well with shiny chrome appliances. Artline pavers are often paired with Lineo Dimensional Stone as their similar features echo one another and bring the entire hardscape together.

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These Unilock Technologies Make Outdoor Kitchens Unbeatable in Wayne NJ


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