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Creating the perfect pool patio area

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A well-designed pool patio can completely change the form and function of your landscape. Whether providing a secluded oasis for deep relaxation or a welcoming, open-air space for lively gatherings, a pool patio area doesn’t just have to contain your pool, but can transform it into an integrated focal point for your ideal outdoor space. Though creating the perfect pool patio area can begin with a simple vision, there are a few essential steps you will need to take to bring it to fruition. How you intend to use the space will influence your overall concept; from here, you can begin to plan how you will work around the dimensions of your pool, select appropriate hardscaping and landscape professional, and decide on the vital details that will bring your design to life.

Decide What Function Your Pool Patio Should Serve

Before you begin to design your pool patio area, it is important to have an overarching vision about its purpose. Close your eyes and imagine your ideal poolscape: does it involve lush garden greenery and soothing water features, or an outdoor fire pit nestled beside a covered grill top? Don’t confine yourself to conventional ideas. Some creative design concepts include:

Sun Deck
A sun deck patio showcases plenty of space for lounging in the sun and usually features comfortable lounge chairs which line the border of the pool area. Sun decks can also be located just inside a pool’s perimeter, sitting atop a flat, shallow section which allows immediate access for a quick dip to cool off. Tanning “shelves” may also be built into the pool if it’s constructed using gunite, which let you recline and remain partly underwater simultaneously.

Garden Oasis
Implant a quiet garden oasis right into your landscape by trading in conversation-friendly furniture for sensuous plantings and a bubbling waterfall. A garden refuge lends a sense of separation from your main home, providing a space to calm your body and mind.

Outdoor Room
A swimming pool provides an excellent backdrop for an outdoor living room, kitchen, or dining area. Nestle a patio space underneath an open-air cabana and include comfortable, waterproof furniture for an indoor-outdoor feel. Poolside “rooms” are exceptional places to hold gatherings large or small and serve as focal points from which to admire or take a break from your pool.

Bistro Patio
For a more contained, private setting, a bistro table and a few chairs overlooking the pool area are all you need. A bistro patio can consist of one or more of these small viewing alcoves. Enjoy the pool and its surrounding landscape while taking in the nonchalant, quiet atmosphere produced.

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Working Around Pool Size and Shape

Although the size and shape of your pool should not solely determine the function of your pool patio area, they will certainly influence it. Be realistic about how much square footage you are working with to avoid the space from appearing either too expansive or overly cluttered. If your plan includes a sun deck, make sure you have enough room around your pool to place lounge chairs without clustering them too close together; if this isn’t possible, build an in-pool tanning shelf. When planning a bistro patio, consider whether just one set of tables and chairs would fill the space, or if multiple vantage points would better balance out a large area.
The shape of your pool can impact the types of features you choose. For instance, a garden oasis can be integrated around a formal, rectangular pool provided you fill the space with lush foliage that gives interesting textural interest and tones down the sense of rigidity. Similarly, an outdoor room layout should harmonize with the shape of your pool. Is it possible to build a cozy living room straight into the curve of a figure-eight shaped pool, or does your pool’s strong rectilinear shape call for contemporary hardscaping placed at a further distance? Take a look at your existing pool’s size and shape – or take these tips under consideration when installing a pool – to ensure the elements of your pool patio area cohere perfectly.

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Choosing Hardscaping

Pool patio hardscaping should match your overall design vision while keeping pool-goers safe. Choose flooring that is skid-proof, water-resistant, and can stand up to all types of weather such as concrete pavers, natural stone, and porcelain. Unilock offers products specifically prepared to both meet these needs and fit virtually any design concept. Pair Natural Stone by Unilock with Courtstone Pavers to promote beautiful mix of classic style. Make a sun deck compatible with long hours in the sunshine by utilizing light-colored limestone, which stays cool under the sun and feels smooth underfoot. Mixing flooring patterns and materials will also help designate different areas of your pool patio, which is especially useful for outdoor rooms. If your vision includes a fire pit, consider surrounding it with semi-circular seat walls using Unilock Rivercrest Wall. Raised decks and retaining walls, too, can add visual interest and help distinguish the space from your home or the rest of your landscape.

Focus on the Details

A cohesive pool patio design would not be complete without its finishing touches. Draw inspiration from the function you would like your patio to serve. Incorporate natural stone water features, privacy plantings, and decorative statues into your garden oasis, or a freestanding outdoor hearth into a bistro patio design. Want to lounge in complete privacy? Invest in a thickly-cushioned lounge bed and curtained cabana for a luxurious experience. For a truly perfect pool patio area, it’s imperative not to leave the details unattended.
By basing your pool patio design on the function you would like it to serve, you will be well-equipped to achieve the exact results you want. From working around the size and shape of your pool to narrowing down essential poolside details, knowing exactly how you intend to use your perfect pool patio area will get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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