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5 Landscaping Ideas that Merge the Old with the New

Modern design hinges on a certain utilitarian cleanness that can often tip towards being stark when not balanced with rich colors, textures and forms. Conversely, adding a modern twist to a traditional landscape can be a refreshing update and offer clearer structure and uncluttered appeal. For homeowners, these design trends can be combined to create beautiful and elegant landscapes that retain a certain amount of personality and vintage appeal. Here are some ways you can incorporate the sleek, modern look with a few older, yet timeless, elements of design into your landscape to grant you all the luxury of a modern backyard, with a personalized touch.

Manicured softscapes

Minimalists may seem likely to turn down the prospect of abundant greenery in favor of a large expanse of smooth stone, however plants can be just as effective in achieving this simple elegance. The plants and shrubs in your backyard are unique in every way, from their appearance to their arrangement. If you want a one-of-a-kind landscape, plants are the way to achieve it. However, if an untamed garden or large weeping willow feels too rustic for your sophisticated NY home, consider cutting away at the vegetation to keep it neat. This poolside patio, created using Beacon Hill Flagstone from Unilock, showcases a perfectly kept lawn and sweeping, yet uniform, soil beds. While these large format pavers are excellent candidates for modern landscape designs, they also bear the weathered texture of flagstone that can add variation to your design.

Weathered pavers for a rustic touch

Consider pairing rustic, textured pavers with sleek materials that are more likely to be found within the home. These materials can include chrome, polished granite and textiles. These days, outdoor design is all about bringing the luxury within the home into the outdoors. Therefore, by opting for chic upholstered chairs, embroidered accent pillows, throws and other luxurious fabrics, you can make any landscape design look and feel modern. This outdoor kitchen has been fitted with every modern appliance a summer barbecue would need. The weathered Estate Wall adds stunning variation to the design and keeps the modern look from becoming too generic. In fact. the rich textures of Estate Wall provide the perfect substitute for ornamentation that may otherwise make the area appear cluttered. The Richcliff pavers underfoot are excellent substitutes for natural stone and have a luxurious look and feel that further contributes to the aesthetic of rich textures and visual interest.

Recreating old designs using new-age materials

This quaint entrance features design elements that one might expect to see outside a cottage in the forest or in a work of fiction. The vibrant green door, barrel and broom, as well as the ornate lantern and crawling vines all contribute a whimsical and rustic look to this home. Although traditional in appearance, the Mattoni pavers used to create this entrance are imbued with the latest EnduraColor technology, which ensures that their rich sandy shades outlast the effects of sunlight and bad weather. The fresh Cocoa Brown color variation used is a popular choice for contemporary landscape designs. The sleek surface created by these pavers complements the themed decor of this romantic home – despite this juxtaposition.

Contemporary furniture

Sometimes a single feature within a landscape can powerfully affect its entire aesthetic. This patio, for example, showcases the gorgeous textures of Rivercrest Wall from Unilock. The classic look of stacked flagstone has been paired with torches and ornaments that contribute even more historical luxury to the design. The recliners, however, have a distinct modern look and create a striking contrast against the rest of the patio. This blend of themes makes one unable to label the design as ‘rustic’ or ‘contemporary’ and makes it truly unique.

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Pairing different materials

This cozy patio features the warm, textured materials of the wooden siding of the home and the wicker furniture. There is also plenty of vegetation surrounding the patio, contributing spontaneous shapes and textures as well as rich colors. All this makes for a beautiful traditional or rustic patio. However, the sleek Umbriano pavers underfoot create a blend of aesthetic themes. These pavers are renowned for their compatibility with modern designs, owing to their large format, clean edges and smooth surfaces. Used in this patio design, they prevent any rustic features from being too unstructured. This allows a pleasant blend of shades and textures that result in a relaxed and personalized patio.

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5 Landscaping Ideas that Merge the Old with the New in Westchester County, NY


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