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6 Excellent Flagstone Substitutes with Added Durability

Flagstone is a landscaping favorite owing to its diverse range of shades, unique patterns and the elegant yet rustic impression it creates for an outdoor room or driveway. However, flagstone does have some drawbacks that manmade concrete pavers have improved on. A flagstone driveway, for example, requires incredibly thick stones to support the frequent heavy weight of vehicular traffic. Concrete is designed to be more durable and allows a simpler installation process, while modern technology has enabled these concrete pavers to retain the rich color and texture of natural stone. Here are a few concrete options by Unilock that can bring the distinctive beauty of natural stone to your landscape and are guaranteed to withstand the test of time.

Beacon Hill Flagstone

The versatility of Beacon Hill Flagstone makes it an ideal candidate for virtually any landscape project imaginable. Its soft, neutral colors and subtle surface textures allow it to complement a variety of architectural styles and aesthetics. The warm Coffee Creek color variation adds a historic touch to the large curved steps of this multi-level patio, accented by a double border of Burnt Oak Copthorne pavers and rich green plant life. The darker Steel Mountain and New York Blend variations can be used to create sleek patios paired with dark wood and metallic elements. Beacon Hill Flagstone is available in three sizes, which can all be incorporated into a complex laying pattern that has a randomized, natural effect.


Treo pavers are similar to Beacon Hill Flagstone, but offer added flexibility. Flexible concrete pavers move with the natural expansion and contraction of the earth and are essential to creating a crack-resistant surface. The tranquil effect of Treo pavers is ideal for almost any outdoor room, from sleek kitchens to cozy fireside conversation spots. The warm Sierra shade is an ideal partner for the clear blue water of a swimming pool, while its rough flagstone texture creates a non-slip surface perfect for poolside areas. The jointing lines between Treo pavers are slightly irregular to amplify their natural appearance, however, because they remain precision cut underneath, installing these concrete pavers is as simple as using clean-edged pavers.


Westport derives its elegance from the clean edges and gentle surface clefts that showcase Unilock’s attention to detail. Various rectilinear sizes can be combined to create an excellent imitation of a classic flagstone surface. Westport pavers come in three rich shades that suit both traditional and contemporary landscapes. The Almond Grove color variation can be paired with vertical elements constructed from Unilock’s Estate Wall in the same shade, which also possesses similar natural textures. A Heritage Brown Il Campo border can act as a vibrant accent to this subdued color palette, matching the banding that runs along the wall for a cohesive hardscape design.

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Thornbury pavers are ideal candidates for a variety of applications as they are incredibly durable and imbued with a captivating, textured surface. The warm Bavarian, Sierra or Almond Grove color variations can be used to flood an area with visual warmth. Consider pairing these earthy shades with a natural stone fireplace to create a cozy setting where guests can feel at home. These eco-friendly Thornbury pavers are permeable, directing rainwater to the soil below and reducing runoff into stormwater drains.


Richcliff pavers are manufactured to be four times stronger than poured concrete, owing to Unilock’s Ultima Concrete Technology. Their authentic textures are cast from real natural stones, resulting in a completely natural appearance. Richcliff pavers are also products of Unilock’s EnduraColor Facemix Technology which makes them highly resistant to fading. The blue hues within the Dawn Mist variation pair stunningly with earthy shades and can be used in combination with the rich Pebble Taupe color variation for a dynamic driveway or patio surface.

Bristol Valley

Bristol Valley pavers add a refined touch to outdoor spaces that might otherwise utilize a generic flagstone slab. Their modern look can be attributed to their neutral range of subdued shades that complement a contemporary, minimalist hardscape design and create clean, geometric jointing lines. Although characterized by precision, the characteristics of natural stone are reflected in Bristol Valley’s color variations and moderate surface textures. Consider pairing these pavers with sprawling lawns and abundant plants, as their surface textures complement the soft shapes of nature and creates a spectacular contrast against vibrant greens.

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6 Excellent Flagstone Substitutes with Added Durability Greenwich, Connecticut NY


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