Add a Touch of The Southwest To Your Patio


Earthy shades, natural stone and eye-catching succulents are some distinguishing features within Southwestern landscape designs. A unique Southwestern design composed of organic materials, playful colors and varying textures can be the excellent companion to your home. Here are eight design ideas to stimulate your creative thinking.


A welcoming Southwestern entrance

Southwestern landscapes utilize plenty of materials bearing natural textures and spontaneous color gradations. Unilock Bristol Valley pavers in Sierra are light and welcoming, while their surface is imbued with the pleasant ruggedness showcased by many Southwestern hardscapes. The sandy tones within these pavers also echo the desert tones that are synonymous with Southwestern landscapes. The vegetation framing this entrance is colorful and eye-catching, adding personality to the space.

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Embracing the warmth of wood

Wood is a popular choice for Southwestern designs and is often incorporated into impressive pergolas that shield their patios from the elements. This hardscape design also incorporates Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone in the New York Blend color variation. This textured paver mimics the organic beauty of natural stone, while this shade is distinctly reminiscent of granite – a material celebrated within Southwestern landscape designs.


Adding pops of color

The vibrant accent pillows incorporated into this design add a Southwestern touch to the space and serve to make it appear more inviting. The contrasting orange shades utilized serve as reflections of the clay tiles and Native American decor synonymous with Southwestern landscape designs. French Grey Umbriano pavers have been used to create this welcoming patio framed by stunning lawns and flower beds. The sleek fire feature is also guaranteed to provide superb evening appeal.

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Combining lighting and materials for an ethereal space

This landscape design is distinctly Southwestern owing to its heavy use of wooden structures and generous vegetation. A striking contrast is created between the wooden home siding and cool Umbriano pavers, adding interest to the space. The charming lights strung along the roof of this simplistic pergola create a dreamlike setting after sunset, enhancing the rich wood with a warm glow.


Combining wood and white paint

White-painted structures are often used in Southwestern architecture and hardscape designs. These stark white structures have a powerful visual impact and create a stunning contrast beside the deep brown shades of wood. Southwestern homes often showcase traditional architecture incorporating white structures and look beautiful when framed by generous vegetation and natural stone. This driveway showcases the subtle color gradations within Unilock Umbriano pavers, specifically in the elegant Summer Wheat color variation.

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Powerful contrasts

Southwestern landscapes clearly embrace eye-catching plants, incorporating plenty of vegetation and vibrant colors into their designs. This patio has been paved using Winter Marvel Umbriano pavers. Their muted surfaces allow the rich, lively colors within the surrounding trees and shrubs to stand out and draw focus. Simultaneously, the patio floor bears a touch of understated elegance. Il Campo pavers in the Granite color variation have been used to create geometric borders that offset the organic shapes in the nearby garden. The result is a captivating fusion of contemporary and rustic shapes and textures.

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Al fresco dining

Dining outdoors is one of the best uses for a beautiful, natural Southwestern landscape. These spaces are renowned for their warm, welcoming atmosphere owing to the use of natural materials and earthy tones. This wooden pergola, for example, shelters the dining area and contributes the visual warmth of wood. The wooden dining table and chairs give the design a traditional look, while the color contributed by the flowers and surrounding lawns serve to liven the space and create an inviting atmosphere. Richcliff pavers in the Dawn Mist color variation are showcased here.


Warm natural stone entryway

Southwestern designs make great use of natural stone and desert hues. This charming entrance showcases the beauty of Unilock Sandstone and the rugged elegance of Ledgestone coping. Small lighting fixtures have been installed underneath each step for added evening appeal. The colorful flowers surrounding this entrance complement the sandy natural stone and add further energy to the design. The nearby retaining wall has been constructed using Rivercrest Wall in the Coastal Slate color variation. This wall material mimics the spontaneous shapes and textures found in stacked natural stone.


Add a Touch of The Southwest To Your Patio