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Patio Pavers for Modern Landscape Designs

Creating a contemporary patio is one way to set your home apart from the more traditional properties in your area. Modernizing your landscape can give it that luxurious appeal that many new homeowners are looking for, boosting the resale value of your home. Consider utilizing some of the following Unilock pavers as the foundation for your chic patio.


Umbriano pavers are popular candidates for sleek modern patios because of their clean lines and sophisticated finishes. These pavers come in a range of neutral shades perfect for matching current trends. This Midnight Sky color variation is perfectly compatible with the vibrant greens of lush grass and plants. It also pairs well with bold, red brick structures, which are popular features of contemporary industrial landscapes. Modern patio designs often incorporate dramatic contrasts such as the color difference between the above patio and the house’s exterior. This landscape design also contains many geometric structures, such as the neatly trimmed hedges and straight-edged pool, that complement the precise, uniform pavers and emphasize the modern nature of the design. Merging the soft shapes and textures of the potted plants with the distinct shapes of the pavers also creates a pleasing contrast.


This Artline patio showcases, once again, the prominence of dramatic contrasts within modern landscape designs. These chalky pavers stand out against the bright green plants around them, while contrasting with their spontaneous shapes and textures as well. The irregular stones used to create a low retaining wall contrast against the sophisticated, precision of the Artline pavers, creating a blend of natural and formal aesthetics. Although Artline pavers are precisely shaped, they do bear variations in color, with some pavers being darker or more speckled than others. This results in the formation of visually intriguing surfaces with substantial light and dark variation. The color variation used here is known as Winter Marvel, and although it is a popular choice for contemporary landscapes, there are also earthier options available, such as Tuscany and Steel Mountain.

Promenade Plank Paver

Unilock’s Promenade Plank pavers offer four different finishes that are incredibly versatile and can contribute their sleek appearance to virtually any landscape design. Different finishes can also be combined to create an intriguing, multi-dimensional surface. These pavers are compatible with a wide range of accent pavers, such as Unilock’s Series 3000 or Umbriano. With their narrow, linear shapes, they can be used to visually elongate areas, depending on the direction in which they are laid. Consider incorporating generous amounts of vegetation to Promenade Plank paver patios to add further interest to the area.


Richcliff pavers mimic all the color gradations and textures of natural stone, but are by no means limited to nature-based landscapes – in fact, this paver works superbly in contemporary landscapes. Here the pavers perfectly complement the more modern texture and shape of the Lineo Dimensional Stone used in the retaining wall and water feature of this stunning backyard design. The contrast here lies in the texture and shape, rather than color, allowing for a matching shade while still providing variety. The neutral shades of the Dawn Mist color variation blend seamlessly with the Limestone variation of the Lineo Dimensional stone, while the banding of both patio and vertical features brings out the subtle tones of the paver’s surface. Once again, the neutral coloring of the hardscaping allows for the vibrance of the trees, flowers and shrubs to take the limelight. The warmth of natural wood further contributes to an interesting, characterful area that appears welcoming despite the use of subdued colors.


Senzo pavers perfectly typify modern design conventions with their large, unbroken surfaces, subtle colors and textures, and emphasis on long, clean horizontal lines. The darker colors interspersed throughout the surface of the Nuvola variation, as well as the steep gradations between light and dark within single pavers, allow the surface to stand alone as its own counterpoint. The light and dark grays set the Nuvola patio up for a wide range of color options from matching black and white features, wrought iron fittings and glistening chrome, to bolder shades of orange, rich browns, lush greens, gentle yellows and cream, and deep, velvety blues and charcoal. For an area with a lighter, airier profile, Senzo’s Cremo variation can be used. Like the Nuvola, Cremo allows for a variety of stylistic and decorative matches.

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Patio Pavers for Modern Bridgeport, CT Landscape Designs


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