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Matching Patio Pavers and Furniture to Create 4 Hot Designs

Picking the best furniture pieces and arrangements for your unique outdoor room can be a daunting task. Furniture serves an important role in ensuring the comfort of your guests, as well as defining the atmosphere of your room. To simplify your search for the perfect recliner or bucket chair, you should start by taking note of your existing hardscape. Your patio pavers, walls and other vertical features play a large role in determining the design of your furniture, as the room and the furniture within it should always accentuate one another. Consider the following tips for matching your patio pavers and furniture to bring further cohesion and style to your patio.

Sleek pavers and modern furniture

Sleek Umbriano pavers and clean lines are the key ingredients to this outdoor oasis. The recliners provide a relaxing spot from which to soak up the summer sun, while their sharp edges echo the geometry of the pavers. The use of metal recliners, as opposed to wood or plastic, adds to the contemporary appearance of this poolside patio. Blue accent cushions appear to reflect the nearby pool and complement the sandy undertones within the Summer Wheat pavers. These warm pavers also serve to accentuate lush, green plants and lawns – an aspect fully exploited by the strips of lawn allowed to thrive between a select few pavers. The use of recliners adds to the beachy atmosphere of the patio, which is further enhanced by the inclusion of an umbrella. The speckled surface of each paver also serves to create the impression of warm sand. In addition to the recliners, a retaining wall can serve as casual seating space during pool parties and fun gatherings.

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Warm pavers and countryside styles

This spectacular patio owes its inviting atmosphere to the warm colors and textures incorporated throughout its design. Umbriano pavers in the Autumn Sunset and Summer Wheat color variations have been combined to lay a visually intriguing foundation. These shades are warm, while the variation in color across the surface results in added character. Wooden furniture is also renowned for its inherent warmth and the welcoming atmosphere it contributes to a space. The patterns and wholesome greens incorporated into the chair cushions emphasize the countryside style of the patio and reflect the surrounding greenery. Abundant vegetation and a magnificent view both contribute to the relaxed, isolated atmosphere of this outdoor room. Special items are essential to creating a uniquely stunning patio, such as the small planters, a bench and small lantern all adding character and personality to this outdoor room.

Rustic pavers and a dainty design

Despite the popularity of modern trends, classic tea garden furniture, florals and wicker chairs never seem to go out of style. Curved, romantic chairs and bistro tables can be nestled between beautiful plants and trees, as their soft shapes echo the spontaneous and tranquil shapes within nature. This furniture trend pairs perfectly with Unilock’s Antara, Thornbury and Brussels Block pavers. Opt for textured, earthy pavers with which to partner your furniture, as their colors are compatible and their varying textures add charm and personality to the space. Creating a warm surface of rustic pavers beneath your furniture arrangements make them appear more substantiated and will prevent their legs from sinking into wet soil. Rustic furniture can be reupholstered for creating inviting pops of color and textures.

Reflecting indoor living

This intimate furniture arrangement bears many features similar to indoor furniture, such as its plush upholstery, accent cushions, throws and its cozy arrangement around a small table. The furniture has been arranged to follow the circular design of the room, resulting in an elegant, sweeping layout. The low wall also serves to partially enclose the area, highlighting its intimate atmosphere. The deep red hues within the upholstery are echoed within the Old Oak Copthorne pavers that have been utilized in the borders, banding, fireplace and patio floor. The warmth contributed by the fireplace is accompanied by plenty of visual warmth. The earthy pavers and rich gem tones within the furniture contribute visual warmth to the space, which is accentuated by soft lighting emanating from charming lanterns. These lanterns, as well as the planters that adorn the fireplace, are special items that personalize and enhance an outdoor room.

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