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Accessorize Your Outdoor Living Spaces for that Indoor/Outdoor Style


You’ve done it: you’ve installed a gorgeous set of pavers to lay the foundation of your new outdoor landscape space. Hoping to bring the design to a more welcoming state, you may opt for installing complimentary planting designs or an outdoor furniture set. While these alone will provide a nice retreat outdoors, including some more finishing touches can truly transform your new outdoor living space to a level of indoor comfort. Below, we uncover a few details to add a warmth and comfort to your landscaping.

Furnishing Details

Aside from keeping outdoor landscape spaces functional, furniture can work wonders when it comes to aesthetic appeal. Create a cohesive design by using your pavers’ colors and textures as a guide. Want to enhance the rustic appearance of your patio pavers? Embrace repurposed wood and even local natural stone to build relaxed-looking chairs and tables. Even if you’re a minimalist at heart leaning towards contemporary style palettes, your space needs more than just pavers, as bold pops of color and industrial touches are necessary to balance out the look. An abstract-shaped seat bench built from shiny metal may just be the perfect touch.

Woven Accents

Make a statement with visually interesting outdoor fabrics in the form of rugs, upholstery, and wall hangings. Bohemian floor cushions work beautifully with soft, yet durable outdoor rugs in purple or red hues, bringing a sense of wonder to your outdoor landscape spaces. Encourage an Oriental feel with woven banners and fabric-covered lanterns. Adding textiles to your landscape provides a graceful, much-needed contrast to the sometimes heavy backdrops of pavers and dense foliage.


Add Color to Your Outdoor Landscape

Include color in your outdoor landscape spaces for eye-catching results. Adding pops of color is easy and can be introduced in many different ways. Here, think colorful outdoor pillows, throw blankets, and even outdoor drapery hanging from a wooden pergola. Outdoor rugs also offer a fantastic way to introduce colors that bring the best out of your pavers, while still working within your design style preference.


Consider a Mural

Beyond adding color, a painted mural is a wonderful way to enliven an outdoor room. Let your inner artist run free by selecting an exterior wall or a even build a wooden stand to serve as your canvas, designing a strong image that perfectly fits the mood you’d like to evoke. Imaginative embellishments, such as smooth glass pebbles or mirrored tile, will give your outdoor landscape spaces almost surreal ambiance. Children, especially, will enjoy the playfulness of an animal-themed mural or one that showcases a painted doorway opening into a far-off, mystical world.

Privacy Screens for Comfort and Design

Transform your landscape design with the help of privacy screens, which bring a new level of seclusion and intimacy to an outdoor space. Utilize a simple, standalone screen, or go to the next level with a custom-built bamboo or curtain design. Thinking outside the box will bring a wealth of possibilities: imagine an intricate wooden lattice laced with climbing, fragrant honeysuckle vines, a lush row of hedge walls, or a series of steel panels arranged in an interesting pattern. Your outdoor living spaces will thank you, especially if privacy is a priority.

Hanging Details

Finish off your outdoor living project with hanging décor, which contributes to your spaces’ beauty while still allowing the concrete pavers to shine. Integrate a built-in or freestanding porch swing into an area for a pleasant, nostalgic twist, or string up a hammock for the ultimate relaxation haven. A string of potted plants hanging from a garden wall or the eaves of your main home brings a unique mix of natural elements to an outdoor living space. Small outdoor landscape areas need more than just pavers, as floor space is limited, making hanging decorative features an ideal solution.
Laying down beautiful outdoor flooring with concrete pavers or natural stone by Unilock is a great first step toward creating an outdoor room you’ll love spending time in. However, outdoor landscape spaces benefit from more than just great concrete pavers. Uplift your landscape with these simple, yet effective ways and refine and polish off your next outdoor living space.

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