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Stunning Flagstone Alternatives for Natural-Looking Hardscapes

Choosing flagstone for your patio can grant you a one-of-a-kind design, as this natural stone comes in a near-endless variety of shapes and subtle color variations. Laid down as a solid foundation for a modern patio, or scattered around the landscape with small plants between them, these stones are flexible and versatile. However, when it comes to comparing hardscaping materials, concrete is renowned for its affordability and enhanced durability. The solution to all your hardscaping needs lies in the range of flagstone alternatives offered by Unilock, which grant you affordable options that retain all the unique beauty of natural flagstone. Consider these 6 flagstone alternatives for your hardscape.


Treo pavers showcase the surface texture of flagstone in a range of neutral shades. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these pavers can be laid in complex patterns that appear random and spontaneous, developing the natural look of the surface further. Despite their textured surfaces, their edges are precisely cut to ensure easy installation and a clean finish. Consider pairing the cool Granite Blend shade with vibrant pops of color, using plants, furniture or decorative ornaments to achieve this contrast.

Beacon Hill Flagstone

Beacon Hill Flagstone is a popular choice for almost any application, from pool decks to walkways shrouded in shrubs and leaves. This entertainment area was created using the Tuscany color variation of Beacon Hill Flagstone with a Burnt Clay Copthorne border. Copthorne pavers have slightly irregular edges and a rustic look that pairs well with this textured flagstone substitute. Framing this patio in shrubs serves to complement the natural appearance of Beacon Hill Flagstone, while the rounded shapes incorporated into the patio’s architecture contribute further tranquility to the space. The textured wicker chairs and wall materials used throughout this patio also echo the textures within natural stone, resulting in a cohesive design.

Bristol Valley

This patio showcases a pleasing blend of contemporary design elements with rustic shades and textures. Large format Bristol Valley pavers have been laid in a linear pattern, highlighting their modern geometry. However, the Sierra color variation contains subtle gradations that make each paver seem timeworn and faded. Their edges are slightly jagged and their surfaces bear textures that mimic real flagstone. These surfaces are also imbued with Unilock EasyClean Stain Resistance, which allows for the easy cleanup of spills. This patio’s linear, modern shape is also contrasted by the surrounding nature and the incorporation of warm wooden tones and textures.


Although Westport pavers bear similar textures to the abovementioned Unilock options, they also contribute their own unique element of sophisticated elegance to the surfaces they adorn. These pavers are available in four neutral shades that encompass both light and dark colors. The sandy Almond Grove and Sierra color variations, for example, can be laid in a complex pattern to produce a completely organic surface composed of what seems to be different natural stones. These shades also pair beautifully with the deep greens and browns within any surrounding plants, creating a contrast that draws attention to your landscape’s natural assets.


This driveway showcases one of the ways in which concrete trumps natural stone: durability. Natural stone is often not durable enough to withstand heavy vehicular traffic, unless incredibly thick and using dense and expensive stones. Thornbury pavers, however, are durable enough to be used for virtually any application, while mimicking the unique beauty and texture of natural stone. This driveway complements the adjacent home excellently – a goal that any hardscape should aspire to. The organic colors and pleasant textures of the Thornbury pavers echo the natural stone used as a veneer to this unique home. The driveway is framed by a classic Courtstone border that contrasts the lighter tones within the rest of the driveway and serves as a visual relief from light brown shades.

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Richcliff pavers make excellent flagstone substitutes due to their realistic surface textures and muted shades. The Dawn Mist color variation used here is a popular and affordable alternative to Bluestone, accentuated by a Copthorne border that incorporates complementary burgundy red hues. The cold blue tones within these pavers pair well with deep, earthy browns and can be used to create walkways surrounded by fertile soil or patios holding wicker furniture.

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Stunning Flagstone Alternatives for Natural-Looking Hardscapes NY


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