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What Role Do Focal Points Play in Your Landscape?

You may feel that your hardscape lacks personality or simply doesn’t achieve the wow-factor you are looking for. However, uprooting most of your existing design and replacing it with a more modern or luxurious surface as an alternative is still not a substitute for an interesting landscape design plan.
The reason why many hardscapes appear monotonous is because they lack visual highs and lows. Similarly to how you can’t appreciate light without contrasting darkness, you’ll need more subtle materials in order for your bold pieces and plants to stand out. You also need empty space in order for your furniture arrangements to have a visual impact and smooth surfaces to allow the textures in other materials to be noticeable.
Here are a few ways in which you can create focal points that make your hardscape more interesting and unique.

Motifs and intricate paver inlays

This Umbriano driveway has an inviting, sunny appearance, brought to life by the warm Autumn Sunset color variation. Each Umbriano paver offers a unique color gradient, with random concentrations of light and dark aggregates. When used to create a driveway or large patio floor, these pavers create a sea of changing color. Notice how the darker spots can look like shallow troughs in the driveway surface, making it more captivating and adding a sense of visual depth.

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Despite the plentiful interest and character contributed by these Umbriano pavers, a central motif ensures a truly memorable design. This paver inlay utilizes Copthorne pavers in the rich Burnt Clay color variation. The deep red-brown tones within these pavers complement similar shades within the field pavers. The paver inlay draws attention to a single point on the driveway, preventing the space from feeling too uniform or monotonous.

Pops of color

The Umbriano pavers here were selected in the Midnight Sky color variation. These pavers, although they also bear subtle color gradients, are fairly neutral and understated. This allows them to create a canvas against which colorful upholstery, plants and ceramics can stand out.
It is important that your living spaces have both colorless and vibrant elements, as the rich colors you select for the design will be less noticeable without cooler greys and neutrals to contrast them.

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This fire pit and surrounding low wall have been created using Rivercrest Wall in a cool Coastal Slate shade. These wall units are also excellent candidates for contrasting the colorful elements of your hardscape designs. However, they also contribute further interest to the space through their stunning textures and convincing natural appearance. Rivercrest Wall perfectly emulates the elegance of stacked flagstone, utilizing Reala Surface Technology that makes these units indistinguishable from real natural stone.

In addition to concrete pavers and wall products, Unilock also offers a selection of natural stone. This Limestone is exquisitely textured and highly compatible with modern designs due to its precise geometric format and understated color scheme. It can be paired with red brick, which is often used in modern hardscapes for a strategically unrefined look and industrial feel. Pairing these two materials will allow the deep shades of the brick to stand out, creating a powerful visual impact.

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A captivating natural soundtrack

The natural appeal of Rivercrest Wall makes it the perfect material for water features because it complements the relaxed, organic atmosphere created by cascading water. Although this water feature is situated beside a pool, water features can also be nestled in the landscape beside a bench, for example, for rustic charm. They can often revive a boring backyard by granting it a pleasant, ever-changing soundtrack. The sound of running water can always bring something new and unexpected to your patio design.
If you have a large backyard, you can mark the transition from your bustling patio to tranquil garden by incorporating the sound of running water into the yard. Water features aren’t the only way to add auditory interest to a landscape. Growing indigenous plants can attract the birds local to your area, as these are the plants that they are adapted to feed from.

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This poolside water feature was created using Lineo Dimensional Stone, which is a sleek concrete product often used in modern hardscapes. This sleek water feature lines a pool and adds resort-like luxury to the design. Water features are versatile and don’t have to express rustic themes.

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What role do focal points play in your Westchester County, NY, landscape?


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