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What Color Options Work Best for Retaining Walls?

Retaining walls are go-to hardscape features when it comes to dual-functionality and convenience. They are known for taming slopes and holding soil beds in place, but can also double as casual seating space or can form part of the structure of fireplaces and water features. Low walls are also often used to separate furniture arrangements and create distinct outdoor ‘rooms’, each with their own purpose and design.
While retaining walls are hardy, reliable, and essential to your hardscape, selecting the right materials can also boost their visual appeal. With the vast array of Unilock concrete materials on offer, you can experiment with the size, shade, and texture of your retaining wall units. Here are a few color options for creating stunning walls sure to complement your hardscape.

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Cool blue undertones

This classic wall has been created using Almond Grove Estate Wall units and Ledgestone coping. The cool blue undertones within these wall units stand out against the warm browns and greens in the surrounding landscape. Sandy hues have also been incorporated into each paver to contrast and highlight the blues and grays. Ledgestone coping in a much lighter shade defines the wall further, with pleasing textures that complement those of the Estate Wall units.

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This cool and subdued color scheme is not only elegant, but also bears a distinctly classical or historical look. The rugged textures and blends of gray in this color variation of Estate Wall are dramatic characteristics reminiscent of old castle stones. Consider Estate Wall if you want to create more contrast within your warm, natural landscape and are open to the idea of adding more vintage shades and textures to your hardscape.

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Light stones and dark banding

This Brussels Dimensional System retaining wall is brilliantly contrasted by its Burgundy Red Copthorne banding. This is one of the most effective ways to create impactful retaining walls that draw attention. Consider matching the banding on your walls to any borders that line your patio floor for a cohesive design that looks well put-together.
Its light gray hues also ‘pop’ beside the dark soil bed and warm wooden pergola nearby. Variations like Sandstone and Limestone Brussels Dimensional System are neutral, with very subtle undertones of either cold or warm shades. These units are excellent candidates for busy softscapes in which plants and trees dominate the available space, as they contrast the naturally vibrant shades found in nature. Whenever two elements contrast one another, they are both more visually defined, which can help to organize a well-vegetated landscape by separating the hardscape from the softscape.

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Sleek black materials

This low wall has been constructed from Lineo Dimensional Stone in a smoky Limestone color variation. The sleek design of the wall units and the understated water features built into this wall give the poolside a distinctly modern and almost spa-like look. Lineo Dimensional Stone is a popular choice for contemporary hardscape designs and are often incorporated into outdoor kitchens because they pair well with shiny chrome appliances. These wall units are clearly also successful as a poolside installation, as they contrast the bright blue hues of the water.

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Black and gray often dominate modern design trends because they are wonderfully versatile and can have a luxurious visual effect when well balanced with the style, for example, when incorporated in the form of large format Limestone. Black, a visually powerful color, can also be used to create eye-catching accents. Consider incorporating striking black banding into a warm, sandy retaining wall for a dramatic contrast.

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Sandy pavers for natural landscapes

Wall units in sandy shades are some of the best materials to incorporate into a well-vegetated landscape. They emulate the earthy hues of natural stone, which pair well with other natural elements like plants and water. The compatibility of sandy stones to green softscapes can be further enhanced if they bear the unrefined textures of quarried stone.
This Rivercrest Wall, for example, emulates the look of stacked flagstone and has a wonderfully relaxed design with unpredictable surfaces. In addition to the Buff Rivercrest Wall showcased here, Estate Wall in Walnut and Sierra shades also bear the sandy undertones to blend seamlessly into its natural surroundings.

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What Color Options Work Best for Retaining Walls in NY?


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