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Natural Stone Coping Options for Steps, Walls, Pools and More

Unilock supplies three types of Premium Quality Natural Stone to the New York region. Whether your unique hardscape design requires smoky Limestone, elegant Sandstone or the spectacular finishes of Renaissance Gold Limestone, Unilock has the perfect selection of natural stone to make your vision a reality. Every type of Premium Quality Natural Stone from Unilock is imbued with freeze-thaw durability, high tensile strength and low water absorption rate. This makes every stone strong and versatile enough for a wide variety of applications and structures. Here are some natural stone coping options that will give your natural stone structures an attractive finished look.

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Why use natural stone coping?

One way to effectively incorporate the unique beauty of natural stone into your hardscape is by using natural stone pavers. These can be obtained in slightly different and irregular sizes, creating intricate patterns and enhancing the natural look of a patio or other hardscaped area. Spaces can be made even more unique by incorporating both natural stone and concrete pavers. The two materials can create interesting contrasts and highlight each other’s unique features.
Vertical structures can also benefit from the aesthetic of natural stone by incorporating a a matching natural stone coping. This helps to create the impression that the entire structure has been carved from the earth and is 100% natural. On the other hand, if you are combining natural stone and concrete pavers, the natural stone coping can ensure that the concrete pavers don’t visually overwhelm the more muted stones.
Steps can also be created using natural stone. This is most effective when creating a large, sweeping stairway as their stunning textures and neutral shades will make it look even more elegant. Matching natural stone coping is, once again, essential as it makes the stairway look well put-together.

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Limestone coping

These Black River Limestone pavers have a powerful visual impact on any hardscape. Their jet black surfaces are elegant and refined, adding a professional touch to the hardscapes they adorn. Limestone pavers from Unilock are available in an array of grey shades that are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of aesthetic themes. These stones truly shine when paired with brightly-colored upholstery, garden beds, and other colorful elements. They create a striking contrast that draws immediate attention. A similar contrast has been created here and exists between the Limestone steps and the red brick home.
These steps showcase the smooth finish in which Limestone pavers can be obtained. These sleek stones are perfect candidates for contemporary hardscape designs as they are typically created to be minimalistic, sleek, geometric, and lacking obvious variations in texture. Opting for jointing material in a similar shade can visually merge individual pavers to create a seamless stone surface. This coping will also function excellently upon low walls that function as casual seating space. Their smooth finishes will ensure that clothes are not damaged when people sit down.

Sandstone coping

This intimate patio showcases how natural stone can be utilized within chic modern hardscape designs. Their sleek surfaces, clean edges and stunning surfaces complement many of the inherent elements within contemporary designs. Distressed wood, for example, has become very popular in combination with white materials. This relaxed, yet stylish, combination pairs beautifully with the Indian Coast Sandstone utilized here. Unconventional lighting techniques, geometric furniture arrangements and the utilization of metal elements are also common features within contemporary outdoor designs.
The Sandstone coping upon this staircase is highlighted by soft down-turned fixtures that create a trail to the dining area. Using the staircase to separate the dining area from the rest of the patio creates the impression of distinct outdoor ‘rooms’ and brings order to the patio design. Notice how the subtle lighting features lining the steps highlight the warmth and detail of the stone.

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The Indian Coast and Autumn Harvest variations of Sandstone bear subtle earthy undertones. This makes them excellent candidates for patios surrounded by plants. Any nearby greenery will highlight the creamy brown hues within the Sandstone pavers and enhance their visual appeal. Sandstone from Unilock can also be obtained in muted grays and a vibrant Prairie Rose variation that can add a more personalized touch to your hardscape.

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Natural Stone Coping Options for Steps, Walls, Pools and More in NY


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