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Here's How Unilock Products Contribute to a Safe and Long-Lasting Driveway

Your driveway is most likely the part of your hardscape that experiences the most environmental stress. Not only are vehicles heavy, but the slow movement of their weight across a small surface area can cause less resilient driveway surfaces to crack or split. Your driveway pavers need to be strong enough to withstand these forces multiple times a day. Your driveway surface is also always exposed to the elements and is vulnerable to both sunshine and heavy rain.
In addition to being strong, driveway pavers should also ensure the safety of those who use the surface by being textured enough to prevent people and vehicles from skidding or slipping on the surface. Here are five ways in which Unilock pavers will ensure that your driveway is both durable and safe.

Slip-resistant pavers

Unilock offers an array of pavers that have non-slip surfaces. This feature becomes particularly important during rainy seasons when skidding on wet surfaces can prove extremely hazardous. This range includes Senzo and Umbriano pavers, which are both sleek and highly compatible with modern hardscapes. These pavers prove that pavers don’t need to bear harsh, rugged textures in order to be slip-resistant. Both Senzo and Umbriano pavers bear gradual color gradients on their surfaces that create a sea of changing color when arranged on a large, open space like a driveway.

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Pavers imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology

Ultima Concrete Technology from Unilock imbues its pavers with four times the strength of poured concrete. This is an essential quality for any driveway paver, as it will need to be able to bear heavy loads of all forms – from commercial vehicles to RVs. Copthorne pavers, for example, are made using Ultima Concrete Technology. Their durability as driveway pavers is further enhanced by their small format design. Small pavers, with many joints between them, create a far more flexible surface than large, rigid pavers. They are also able to move subtly to accommodate the earth slowly changing shape beneath them. Copthorne pavers are available in a range of deep, rich shades that pair stunningly beside vibrant green lawns.

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The Courtstone pavers used above are also imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology and are similarly small. They often add a rustic look to driveway surfaces, with their irregular edges and cobblestone-like look. Even beside a modern home like this one, Courtstone pavers can create an elegant driveway with all the timeless appeal of a sidewalk in Old World Europe.

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Stain-resistant pavers

Your driveway is susceptible to a variety of messes, from oil leaks to fallen groceries. Having stain-resistant pavers underfoot can make cleaning much quicker and easier. EasyClean Stain Resistance from Unilock prevents the formation of stains that can destroy the visual impact of your driveway. Artline pavers, for example, are imbued with this technology and can therefore create sleek, modern surfaces that are also low-maintenance and worry-free.

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Fade-resistant pavers imbued with Enduracolor Technology

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause pavers to fade over time and reveal the concrete aggregates beneath their superficial finishes. However, pavers crafted with Enduracolor Technology from Unilock are guaranteed to withstand the test of time. Fine wear-resistant color aggregates are highly concentrated on top of the coarser aggregates underneath and only the highest-performing materials are used. Tribeca Cobble pavers, for example, bear beautiful gradients such as Crystalline Basalt and Peppered Granite. They almost appear to have been lightly sprayed with darker colors. Fortunately, this unique finish is guaranteed to remain clear and noticeable due to the Enduracolor Technology behind it.

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Richcliff pavers are also imbued with this innovative technology and use it to maintain their natural stone-like surfaces. These pavers are renowned for emulating real quarried stone, while the Dawn Mist variation is often used by homeowners as a substitute for bluestone.

Permeable pavers

Permeable pavers help to return rainwater to the underlying ecosystem and direct it away from overtaxed stormwater drains and sewer systems. These pavers look very similar to ordinary pavers but are installed with specialized bases, jointing and spacers between them, so that water may pass through the surface to the water table below. Permeable pavers also benefit your driveway by ensuring that water does not accumulate on its surface. This prevents staining and the growth of moss in the joints. Examples of permeable pavers from Unilock include the Town Hall pavers showcased here, as well as Thornbury pavers that have a relaxed and natural appearance.

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Here’s How Unilock Products Contribute to a Safe and Long-Lasting Driveway


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