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How To Make Your Outdoor Fireplace the Center of Attention

Creating a focal point in any outdoor room can sculpt the function and atmosphere of the space. Opting for a fireplace or fire pit as your focal point can help to create a cozy, welcoming room, perfect for drinks and conversation after sunset. Other hardscape elements that can contribute comfort and intimacy include low walls that enclose the space, permanent seating and textured natural stone. However, the use of a fireplace is by no means limited to cozy conversation spots. They can be modernized to suit a formal setting such as an outdoor dining room or be placed out in the open for a spacious, campfire-like arrangement. Consider integrating the following tips into your hardscape design for a fireplace that will turn heads.

Creating cozy corners

This fireplace draws attention as the tallest element within the enclosed space. The low wall, paving borders and pergola restrict this outdoor room to a small, intimate area of which the fireplace occupies a fairly large portion. Its structure stretches to the full height of the room, making it impossible to overlook. Careful attention should be paid to the surface textures and shades of the pavers and accents used within a fireplace, as a captivating wall product is guaranteed to draw focus. The outdoor furniture is arranged in front of the fireplace, creating the impression of an outdoor living room and ensuring that people are able to gather close to the warmth and ambience of the fire. The pergola shades the room from too much sunlight and helps to foster a cozy atmosphere and provide support for further covering such as shade cloth or outdoor curtains. While plants and structures can add interest to a fireplace, they should be kept away from its openings and vents.

Utilizing the open air

You can make your fire feature a focal point by arranging your outdoor furniture around it or by building a seat wall that mimics its shape and partially encloses it. This allows the conversation to be centered around the fire and, when constructed in an open area like this in the form of a fire pit, can create a welcoming and casual campfire atmosphere. This fire pit and patio floor have been constructed using materials of the same shade – Unilock’s tranquil Almond Grove – which results in cohesion between the different elements of the hardscape. The pastel colors and rustic wicker chairs used in this outdoor room successfully create a peaceful and inviting space and contrast gently against the geometric shapes echoed throughout the hardscape. The nearby wall that defines the barriers of this outdoor room can double as additional seating which enhances the patio’s casual atmosphere.

Enhancing outdoor kitchens

Outdoor fire features aren’t just there to keep you warm – they can also include pizza ovens for baking a wide range of delicious meals. A fireplace or pizza oven is an ideal addition to an outdoor kitchen, contributing both functionality and ambience. The addition of a fireplace brings warmth and character to an outdoor kitchen, contrasting with the sleek metal appliances, modern conveniences and smooth, clean surfaces of a contemporary cooking space. This fireplace/pizza oven has utilized the full aesthetic potential of its chimney, boasting a wide, tall structure that is impossible to miss. Exceptionally wide or curved fireplaces are also popular focal points, as their out-of-the-ordinary designs tend to captivate onlookers. This fireplace blends into the rest of the kitchen by mimicking its design and utilizing the same banding and accent pavers. The green banding used to complement this hardscape echoes the vibrant shades within the surrounding trees and serves to personalize the hardscape.

Adding special touches

One of the main functions of your outdoor fireplace is to provide ambience. Consider adding candles to your mantle for even more soft lighting and plenty of character. Small touches such as candles, decorative items and plants can soften the stone structure of your fireplace and ensure that the space doesn’t seem cold or impersonal. The ledge and adjoining wall incorporated into the structure of this fireplace provide guests with a place to sit and enjoy the fire up-close. Unilock’s Brussels Dimensional Stone has been used to create this small paradise and bears a weathered surface texture that adds visual warmth to the area. The use of different pavers at the base of the fireplace also serves to draw attention and adds a unique touch to the hardscape.

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