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Outdoor Kitchens That Might Just Trump Your Indoor One

Few homeowners enjoy spending their evening secluded in the kitchen, preparing snacks and meals, while there’s a party booming on their back doorstep. The magic of an outdoor kitchen lies in its inclusive location and design, allowing the chef and guests to mingle over delicious aromas. In addition, an outdoor kitchen is guaranteed to minimize those tiring trips between the home and grill. With so many benefits, it is well worth it to invest in an outdoor kitchen that ensures you don’t have to step foot indoors.

All in the pavers

One exciting element of designing an outdoor room is the great variety of pavers at your fingertips. Giving due thought to your paving selection will ensure an attractive, durable surface that outshines your kitchen tiles. Concrete pavers are renowned for their endurance in the face of harsh weather conditions and heavy loads, while many pavers also bear a surface that is easy to clean. Note that the materials used to construct countertops and storage units should be equally as durable and waterproof.
The Brussels Block pavers used to create this poolside kitchen contributes a non-skid quality to the frequently wet surface, bearing an additional advantage over smoother materials such as marble and tiles. Brussels Block pavers have an antiqued finish that creates an interesting contrast against the modern chrome components of grills and cookers. This outdoor kitchen has been thoroughly decked-out with appliances and although you don’t need every appliance on the market, you should ensure that you have included small essentials like trash cans, which are easy to overlook until they are needed.

Creating an inviting space

People tend to enjoy watching the chef in action, which is why your outdoor kitchen should be a warm, inviting space. This stylish pergola adds the warm tones of wood to the kitchen while the thriving plant beds and climbing vines that encircle its pillars punctuate this whimsical, romantic landscape design. When installing kitchen appliances under a structure such as a pergola, plenty of space should be left between the ceiling and appliances, optimizing ventilation and preventing fires. Rich, earthy tones are echoed throughout the hardscape – in the pavers, short concrete pillars and the dark Copthorne accent pavers that adorn each pillar. The pillars and grill island have been constructed from the same pavers, creating a seamless flow between different elements of the hardscape. Overhead lanterns wash the area in a warm, tranquil light and complete the cozy atmosphere. The generous plant life incorporated into this outdoor kitchen design serves to transform it into a relaxing domain for eating and entertaining.

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Embracing the outdoor aesthetic

Outdoor kitchens bear endless aesthetic potential as they can incorporate the fresh evening air, captivating fire- and water-features, plenty of space and a near-limitless range of materials. An outdoor kitchen located near a comfortable gathering spot, such as this outdoor fireplace and furniture arrangement, will enable smooth socializing while cooking. This kitchen has also been personalized with artistic touches that communicate the homeowner’s unique flair. An assortment of candles and ornate objects adorn the fireplace and low walls, adding charm and visual interest to the kitchen’s sterile functionality. A subtle bohemian theme can be identified in the use of gem tones, ornate objects and wicker furniture. Coordinating different elements of the hardscape by using the same material throughout has resulted in a customized, ‘finished’ look.

The center of attention

Bar stools placed along the counter invite guests to mingle with the chef and watch the food being prepared, without getting in the way. Including a beer tap and mini fridge for drinks can also attract guests to the kitchen, but should be installed at the ends of countertops to ensure that they don’t interfere with the cooking. Lighting is an essential feature of any outdoor kitchen, extending the time spent entertaining and creating a safe environment. The whimsical tea candle-like lights that adorn this outdoor living space go beyond functionality, however, adding character and drawing attention to the area. Other elements that can add comfort, entertainment and beauty to your kitchen include firepits, chairs adorned with comfortable accent cushions, decorative items and television sets. The small, sophisticated roof that protects the kitchen has been fitted with a ceiling fan – a creative addition that serves to bring an element of indoor comfort to the backyard.

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Outdoor Kitchens That Might Just Trump Your Indoor One New York NY


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