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Add Warmth and Beauty to your Landscaping with an Outdoor Fireplace

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Is there anything more nostalgic than the coziness of a campfire, the inviting glow of a beachside bonfire, or the comfort of a roaring hearth when it’s cold outside? Instantly recreate these sensations in your backyard with an outdoor fireplace. Aside from transforming your outdoor living space into an intimate gathering spot, a safely installed, well-integrated outdoor fireplace brings major design appeal to your landscape. Equip yourself with the right tools and knowledge to add warmth and beauty to your landscape design with an outdoor fireplace.


First, let’s review the benefits your outdoor space will receive with an outdoor fireplace.
Increased family time. Gathering the whole family can sometimes be difficult. Make it an uncomplicated and pleasant experience by calling everyone together around an outdoor fireplace. Children and adults alike will appreciate the new space which will soon become a prime spot for making s’mores, singing songs, sharing stories, or just simply being together.
Easily enjoyed by one or many. An outdoor fireplace doesn’t discriminate between whom or how many people are present to enjoy it. Take a breather after a long day, letting its flickering flames and soft glow calm your mind. A patio with an outdoor fireplace is the perfect backdrop for romantic evenings, meaningful conversations among friends, and large-scale parties.
Year-round outdoor entertaining. Extend your landscape’s use well beyond the warm summer days with an outdoor fireplace. Delight in the cozy sensation only fire can provide in the chilly fall evenings, and even in the heart of winter. Welcome and celebrate the coming of springtime by relaxing aside your outdoor fireplace.
Alternative cooking option. An indoor hearth is a nice place for roasting marshmallows, but isn’t the best option for cooking hot dogs and vegetable skewers. Create a multi-purpose outdoor space with an outdoor fireplace grill, rotisserie, or holder to hang Dutch ovens and other fireplace-friendly pots.
Mark up your property value. Installing an outdoor fireplace on your landscape can easily increase the value of your home. Think of the added landscape design feature as an investment which will pay off generously, should you decide to sell your property.


Remember when your parents cautioned against playing with fire? The same rings true when using your outdoor fireplace, which should be equipped with adequate screens, vents, and a lid,
as well as fuel shutoffs for gas or propane models. Utilize the help of a landscape professional, who will ensure your outdoor fireplace firebox is the proper shape, size, and thickness for optimum safety.

Outdoor Fireplace in NY, CT, PA, NJ

Outdoor Fireplace Style Options

Some fireplace style options to complement your outdoor spaces include:
Contemporary. Bring a contemporary twist to your outdoor living space, harnessing the avant-garde style of sleek lines, industrial materials, and architectural shapes. A concrete wall stone fireplace with a rectangular firebox opening, tall chimney, and burn streaks emanates modern appeal.
Traditional. Brick and natural stone lay the foundation of a traditional outdoor fireplace design. Better yet, consider one of Unilock pre-built units that make installation easier and style big. Add a hearth that spreads from the firebox opening for an inviting effect.
Moroccan. Bring Mediterranean beauty to your outdoor space with an outdoor fireplace built in Moroccan style. Embellish its simple structure with colorful, intricate ceramic tile embedded around the firebox opening, which should be rectangular or moderately arched.
Southwestern. Imbue your outdoor space with Southwestern flair by building a traditional adobe fireplace. Sprinkle colored tiles around its edges and surround the overall design with ornate, wrought iron decorative details.

For more inspiration and style options for your landscaping, visit the Unilock Design Ideas Catalog here.

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How to Integrate a Fireplace into Your Outdoor Space

Incorporating an outdoor fireplace into your landscape design is easy, provided you keep some of these factors in mind:
Match materials. As with the design of any outdoor living space project, it’s a good idea to use materials in your hardscaping that work well with those finishes adorning your home’s exterior. Carefully review the colors, textures, and styles of your property’s walkways, walls, and flooring to determine which outdoor fireplace materials will look best.
Choose a design style that works. Add warmth and beauty to your outdoor space without disrupting design cohesion by selecting an appropriate outdoor fireplace design. Take cues from the overall architectural style of your home and landscape, paying attention to its dominant lines, textures, materials, and decorative details. Check out the Unilock Design Ideas Catalog here for more tips and tricks.
Integrate with plants. Potted plants, ornamental grasses, and decorative shrubs add fullness and help blend an outdoor fireplace into its surrounding environment. Use species similar to those already on your landscape, choosing varieties tall enough to stand up to the visual height of your fireplace chimney.
Make your landscape the highlight of any daytime or evening gathering by adding warmth and beauty to your outdoor space. With an outdoor fireplace, you’re sure to be spending more time outside than ever before!

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