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Tips for Selecting the Perfect Outdoor Furniture for Your Outdoor Living Space

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Outdoor furniture should add character and visual interest to your patio as much as they provide comfort while enjoying the outdoors. As decorative or functional features, selecting the right outdoor furniture is essential for making the most out of your outdoor spaces. Let’s have a look at three important tips for choosing outdoor furniture that perfectly captures the character of your home.


Visually speaking, the most important element of your outdoor furniture is its color. The color of your patio pavers or composite decking will largely determine what color furniture best suits your space. Matching the natural tones of your concrete pavers or wood, allows for a gentle, blended look, that creates visual depth and thematic unity. Rich wood and earthy browns, for example, create a warm, layered look. A similar look can be created by using tones of white and light mocha on a lightly colored patio.

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You could also take a chance and give your patio a splash of bold color. To keep the bright color from becoming overbearing, choose one or two bold pieces as focal points for your patio, or add the splashes of color in the form of cushions for your seating.
For contrasting colors, pick outdoor furniture that corresponds to the color wheel opposite of your pavers or predominant color of your patio. For example, elegant black steel or cast-iron furniture catches the eye when combined with a lightly colored sandstone. Conversely, when furnishing your darkly colored deck or granite patio, cream colored outdoor cushions or furniture of whitewashed wood lighten the atmosphere and stand out against the deeper colors.
Some interesting and surprising color combinations include deep blues or turquoise for your yellow sandstone patio, bright greens coupled with brick paving and yellows and oranges to go with your dark cobblestone, granite or slate patio.

Landscaping ideas, patio furniture NY, NJ, PA, CT


Selecting your outdoor furniture according to a style can help narrow down your options if you’re overwhelmed with choice. A good idea is to start with a style theme in mind before putting together your collection. Your style theme may be in accordance with your home’s architecture, corresponding with the existing theme of your garden or patio, something already hinted at by an existing piece, or perhaps just something that reflects your own tastes and personality.
Once your style theme is selected, remember that you are by no means bound to choosing strictly uniform pieces, instead use your theme as a guide and follow your intuition when it comes to mismatching or bringing in an interesting piece as a central feature or focal point. Some styles that work well together are modern contemporary furniture with bold shapes and clean lines for Zen Garden or minimalist themes. Wicker chairs and richly grained bare wood is perfect in staying with a rustic style and ornate cast iron furniture goes with anything from a retro look to a traditional English garden style.
Another thing to bear in mind is whether or not the pavers in your patio support your theme. Cobblestone-like pavers will go with a wide range of themes from Victorian to modern, large irregular cuts work well with a rustic theme, and large slabs of light or dark natural stone are perfectly suited to a more modern style.

Landscaping ideas, patio furniture NY, NJ, PA, CT


The function of your outdoor furniture will most likely differ from space to space. For example, you might have an outdoor dining area here and an outdoor lounge there. It’s important, therefore, to select your furniture according to the space it will occupy and the function that it will fulfill. Take some time to get a clear idea of what purpose you’d like your outdoor areas to serve before buying the furniture.
When it comes to material, a good balance between comfort and durability is key. Pick outdoor furniture that won’t cost you hours of maintenance and will serve you for years to come. Choose outdoor furniture manufactured from durable material such as metal, hardwood, or heavy-duty wicker. Of course, in some cases, your outdoor furniture may need to be placed in storage over the winter or periods when not in use. If this is the case, remember to plan accordingly and invest in furniture that is easy to fold away and lightweight enough to allow mobility. It should at least be able to be disassembled to save storage space.
As an important parting thought, don’t forget to test the furniture out before buying it. While some things are better bought online, outdoor furniture is a personal decision that requires a bit of touch and feel.

Landscaping ideas, patio furniture NY, NJ, PA, CT


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