Top Outdoor Furniture Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

Selecting outdoor furniture and determining the best arrangement for it can be a challenge, given its hefty aesthetic role. Furniture can define the atmosphere of your outdoor living space and is also crucial to creating an inviting, comfortable setting. Incorporate these top trends into your deck or patio design to simplify your search for the perfect furniture and achieve the outdoor living area of your dreams.


Mimicking indoor living

Outdoor furniture has evolved to resemble indoor furniture more and more every year. This trend has seen hardy wicker chairs be replaced by plush sofas and ottomans. Outdoor furniture is now largely upholstered with durable but comfortable covering and includes delicate fabric accents such as throws and scatter cushions. The luxurious textures within these fabrics are often paired with rich gem tones and metallic finishes, bringing the grandeur of the indoors to the outdoor patio. This furniture design is compatible with patio materials that also reflect elements of the home. Granite, for example, is incredibly durable and can be incorporated into the countertops for a grill island that resembles an indoor kitchen.


Fearless color combinations

The modern age is experiencing an increase in experimentation with colors, patterns and textures. This trend is popular with, but by no means limited to, young homeowners and is guaranteed to energize any old patio. Vibrant, bright tones are being strategically incorporated into throw pillows and base cloths and are often paired with neutral shades to make them pop. These neutral shades are also utilized to create a visual balance as large amounts of vibrant color can overwhelm even the largest patios. Flaming orange and turquoise hues are good candidates for bold ocean-view decks, accented by white umbrellas and slipcovers that bring about a pleasant balance of tones.


Boho textures and shades

Rich, bohemian colors, such as deep reds and oranges, have become more prevalent over the past few years. This current trend embraces rustic, natural surfaces and strays from modern materials like metal and plastic. Wooden finishes and wicker structures are used instead, contributing their own tranquil essence to the space. Craftsmanship is sought after when trying to achieve this style as the authentic hand-made structures contribute their unique character. The earthy tones and subtle gold notes found in Unilock’s Coffee Creek Il Campo pavers make an ideal patio floor for a bohemian design.


Elegant pastels and distressed wood

Homeowners have become increasingly familiar with ethereal outdoor furniture designs, blending modern and timeworn, rustic themes. The furniture is selected in current styles and is arranged in modern, minimalist configurations. These contemporary structures showcase worn surface textures and wood grain finishes, creating an interesting mixture of aesthetics. Neutral colors are used in conjunction with pastels for a subtle washed-out effect while thick wickers create a balance between the organic and geometric elements. This balance is extended through the use of natural stone in conjunction with the shiny chrome finishes of metallic furniture and appliances. Unilock offers both limestone and sandstone pavers, as well as the rich flagstone surface of Beacon Hill that goes well with this kind of look.


Tropical hues and ocean blues

Incorporating natural elements into outdoor furniture has always been popular, using seashells and tropical prints, for example, to bring the beach to your backyard. Faded greens and striking blues create pleasant contrasts while reminding one of crystalline oceans and timeworn structures overrun with moss. This nature-inspired look can either be calming and subdued – or bold, incorporating strong patterns and canary yellow flower beds. Although plenty of refreshing open space is preferred for this trend, the warm textures of wood and cork prevent a cold, detached atmosphere. Abundant plant life is also an encouraged backdrop for this outdoor furniture design.


Dainty garden furniture

Despite the strides made by modern trends, classic tea garden furniture never seems to go out of style. Whimsical wrought iron tables and chairs, nestled between beautiful plant beds or trees, are still popular among many homeowners. This trend can be redesigned, using modern furniture but retaining playful and inviting pops of color as well as an organic look and texture within the materials. Installing similarly rustic pavers beneath your garden furniture arrangements can make them look more substantiated, making Unilock’s timeless Antara pavers an excellent accent to this trend.


Top Outdoor Furniture Trends to Watch Out For in 2017 New York NY