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Showstopping Outdoor Fire Features for 2017

An outdoor fire feature is now so much more than just a way to keep warm on chilly evenings. Instead it has become an aesthetic focal point that requires careful deliberation. An outdoor fire feature draws attention, inviting guests to enjoy its warmth and pleasant light – and plays a central role in establishing the atmosphere of your outdoor area. Consider drawing inspiration from the following firepits and fireplaces to ensure that your material usage and design will have the desired effect on your patio.

Well-rounded elegance with borders and banding

The Beacon Hill Flagstone used to pave this patio floor showcases the cold hues of the Steel Mountain color variation. This shade creates a pleasant contrast with the sunnier tones found within the curved walls and fireplace. The Copthorne paving borders in Burgundy Red match the banding that adorns the wall and fireplace for a well-rounded, cohesive design. The dark Copthorne accents adorning this fireplace also pair excellently with its sandy pavers, accentuating their warm undertones and making them pop visually. The low walls framing the area create a sense of intimacy, warmth and coziness, while the fireplace draws most of one’s attention as the tallest element within the space. The low Rivercrest Wall doubles as additional seating space while the smooth surface of its Ledgestone coping protects the wall and provides a comfortable seat. The two short pillars flanking the wall could be used to hold ornate planters, or plates and glasses during an outdoor gathering.

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Remote campfire in your backyard

A seat wall, built using Brussels Dimensional Stone, partially encloses this interesting in-ground firepit. This firepit area houses a casual campfire atmosphere, its flames emerging from the patio floor while the generous plant life in the surrounding landscape makes the area feel private and remote. The seat wall is fitted with a flat, functional backrest that can be used to hold anything from cocktail glasses to decorative items. The short pillars ending off the seat wall have been used to hold charming lanterns that can amplify this area’s evening appeal even further. The stone used in this outdoor space is fairly subdued, the homeowners having decided to incorporate pops of color in the form of accent pillows, rich clay-colored pots, abundant greenery and a cheerful yellow umbrella.

Utilizing surrounds for subtle style

The Umbriano pavers used here showcase Unilock’s warm Autumn Sunset color variation while echoing similar shades in the face of the elegant fireplace. Despite the subtly colored pavers used to construct this fireplace, its location allows it to stand out against the vibrant surrounding greenery while its height and elaborate design serve to draw attention as well. Useful compartments are included in its design for the storage of firewood, combining beauty and functionality. This fireplace design also incorporates small platforms upon which lighting fixtures or planters can be placed. Finally, the large pavers and neutral shades add a modern touch to the entire area. Featured here again, Brussels Dimensional Stone is a popular choice for outdoor fire features. Unilock also offers pre-built fire features of the same material.

Making a bold statement with modern design

This linear fireplace is sleek, modern and unique. Built from Lineo Dimensional Stone, this subtle fire feature serves to add the perfect touch of warmth to any cozy corner. Its geometric design draws out the contemporary elements within the space, which contrast with the classic furniture and autumn colored pinstripes. The dark Limestone color used to create this fireplace also contrasts with the lighter, neutral pavers and upholstery while blending into the low wall that closes off the patio. This intimate corner could be the perfect romantic spot or tranquil evening getaway, however, the low wall can easily double as seating space to accommodate more guests.

Outdoor cooking meets comfort

This fireplace is cleverly located close to both the grill and seating space, tying the two areas together and sharing its warm atmosphere with both. It is perfectly centered, visually dominating the space and, once again, proving to be an excellent focal point. This Brussels Dimensional Stone fireplace in Almond Grove showcases a short, traditional design. The patterned pillows and wooden furniture complement its architectural style, while the subtle shine of the brushed steel appliances create a mixture of modern and traditional aesthetics. Subtle rose-colored shades are reflected throughout the hardscape, adding a rich and intriguing touch of color to the room and contrasting beautifully with the greenery peeking out from behind it.

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