Maximize Your Patio Space with These Built-in Seating Designs


Decking out a modestly sized patio with a lot of outdoor furniture can make the area seem cluttered and cramped. Built-in seating is a great way to provide convenient seating for guests, save space by reducing the amount of furniture needed and create a permanent and welcoming setting for taking a load off the feet. Built-in seating allows you to minimize the need for movable furniture while maximizing seating space. Such a setup is perfect for homeowners that usually facilitate a few guests but occasionally host large parties, around the holidays, for example. Here are five designs that showcase the aesthetic and practical potential of built-in seating.


Create a multi-purpose space

This curved Brussels Dimensional Stone seat wall surrounds a fire pit of the same material. Dining space is cleverly incorporated into the backrest of the permanent bench, creating a vibrant and cozy area in which all guests can maintain contact with one another and access the warmth of the fire regardless of whether they are dining or relaxing. Storage units can be built into these counters for the purpose of storing pillows, firewood, or other necessary equipment. A combination of dark Courtstone and Copthorne pavers are arranged in a circular fashion to draw attention to the fire pit as a focal point. These classic pavers also add an aged and rustic element to this patio surrounded by sprawling lawns. This semi-circular arrangement allows for additional moveable seating to be placed opposite the bench, as well as providing space for guests to stand while they gather around the fire.


Experiment with contrasting colors and textures

This stretch of Rivercrest Wall can be easily recognized as a cozy conversation spot, partially enclosing a fire pit for evening appeal. Rivercrest Wall allows one the natural charm of stacked flagstone with the affordability and endurance of concrete.  The dark banding that runs the length of the wall complements the paving borders and the ash-gray tones within the Umbriano pavers. The expanse of the entertainment area floor is bordered with a paver of contrasting texture for increased visual interest while vibrant accent pillows liven up the area, providing visual warmth and contributing to a stimulating social atmosphere. The capstones topping the backrest of the seating wall can serve to hold planters or other decorative items.


Build safe, out-of-the-way seating

This low Estate Wall with Ledgestone coping divides the grill area from the rest of the patio, redirecting foot traffic while serving as additional seating when needed. The Estate Wall’s worn surface texture serves as an excellent companion to the modern chrome finishes of the outdoor kitchen appliances, merging modern and traditional aesthetics. Positioned alongside the grill island, this seat wall ensures that guests can participate in the preparation of the food, or simply keep the chef company. This contributes to a safe, open space that isn’t congested by clusters of bar stools, even though guests are still invited to socialize with the cook. This versatile seat wall separates two outdoor rooms, allowing for easy conversation with guests in either area.


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Increase the versatility of your outdoor rooms

This intimate patio is a perfect example of a space suited to both large and smaller, cozier parties. Moveable patio furniture can be placed center stage to accommodate a small family fireside gathering, allowing the surrounding seating wall to enclose the area neatly, giving it a finished atmosphere. Alternatively, the open space can be used for cocktail events, where the low walls serve as casual seating along the edges. Overall, the space is lended warmth from the soft lighting used in conjunction with an earthy Richcliff paver selection. Borders enclose the space and complement the eye-catching motif breaking up the large expanse of pavers. The light borders also complement shades within the seat walls and fireplace, visually tying the entire outdoor room together.


Explore decorative possibilities

Although the Rivenstone Wall blocks featured above are not available in the New York area, Brussels Dimensional Stone serves as an excellent substitute for attaining this weathered surface texture. The color variation, Almond Grove, suits an abundantly green landscape, and can be paired with the Limestone shade for a similar color combination. Ending off the seat walls, low pillars hold ornate planters, with the cascading creepers furthering the appeal of lush greenery. The green banding that runs along the lower edge of the capstones echoes the surrounding landscape and serves to connect the hardscaped and softscaped areas.


Maximize Your Patio Space with These Built-in Seating Designs New York NY