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Best Pavers to Complement Flagstone Features in Bridgeport, CT

Best Pavers to Complement Flagstone Features in Bridgeport, CT
Although Unilock pavers provide the perfect durable substitute for natural stone, they can also be used in conjunction with natural stone patios and vertical features with stunning results. If you’re looking for pavers that will complement, match, and enhance flagstone features in your Bridgeport, CT, landscape designs, these pavers from Unilock are an excellent starting point, and can be used to achieve a range of different effects.

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Best Pavers to Complement Flagstone Features in Bridgeport, CT


To complement a flagstone surface, Richcliff offers a realistic natural texture and the choice of warm, earthy, or cool coloring. This is a great option for matching outdoor fireplaces, bars, and grill islands with flagstone surfacing. The precision cast shapes of Richcliff pavers can add order to the typically irregular flagstone surface or stacked flagstone look. With the shades of Smoke Shale, Dawn Mist, and Pebble Taupe, the option exists to either match the color of the existing flagstone features or introduce a contrasting warm or cool tone.


The size, shape, and deep, bold colors of Courtstone make it an excellent border paver for any hardscape project. The Basalt and Belgian Blue color options – or a blend of the two – are excellent for contrasting and bringing out the warm, earthy shades of flagstone. With its smooth, worn surface, Courtstone offers a complementary texture to flagstone as well. As such, Courtstone can be used on a flagstone patio as a border, a subtle divider of outdoor rooms, or an inlay for custom detail.

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Tribeca Cobble

Similarly, Tribeca Cobble makes an excellent border paver for flagstone. As a paver with great potential for driveways and walkways, consider Tribeca Cobble for areas of high vehicular and pedestrian traffic while leaving flagstone to areas of leisure. In this way, Tribeca Cobble can be used to connect flagstone areas and provide a welcoming driveway and entranceway. The aesthetic of Tribeca Cobble is such that the traditional, homely aspect of flagstone is preserved when the two materials are used in combination.

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Best Pavers to Complement Flagstone Features in Bridgeport, CT

Beacon Hill Flagstone and Beacon Hill Smooth

Like Richcliff, Beacon Hill Flagstone can be matched to flagstone in appearance – both texture and color. This is excellent for creating a unified landscape design where these aspects of the aesthetic are present throughout. On the other hand, Beacon Hill Smooth offers a smooth surface that matches flagstone features in color, but contrasts with its fine, contemporary texture. Consider, for example, the variety of shapes and textures presented by a patio incorporating Beacon Hill Smooth pavers with an irregular flagstone border.

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With its ultra-modern shapes, refined contemporary surface, and subtle color options, it might be difficult to imagine Artline and flagstone being used in conjunction with one another. However, it’s because of this that Artline complements flagstone so well. In this case, though, Artline is sure to steal the show with its uniquely modern appearance. For Artline hardscapes, it may be best to limit flagstone to sparse but eye-catching focal points. Irregular flagstone stepping stones, perhaps, or a single stacked flagstone accent wall for texture and visual interest.

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Best Pavers to Complement Flagstone Features in Bridgeport, CT


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