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Outdoor Kitchens that Use Lighting and Texture to Stunning Effect

Your patio deserves to be showcased in the most luxurious lighting imaginable, accentuating its best features and extending your outdoor fun long after sunset. Here are some inspiring patio designs that make exceptional use of outdoor kitchen lighting so that it not only fulfills its functional purpose, but utilizes its full aesthetic potential as well.

Bohemian warmth

This outdoor kitchen is accented by a variety of differently colored candles, while a warm golden fire provides soft lighting and fosters an intimate atmosphere. The deep red shades contributed by the burning wood, in addition to other jewel tones scattered around the space, result in a colorful bohemian look. This is further enhanced by the textured Brussels Dimensional System used to construct the counters and the rugged edges of the Ledgestone bar tops. Alongside the hardy wicker furniture, the variety of textures incorporated throughout this hardscape grant it that natural touch reminiscent of a tropical getaway.

Brightly-lit lawns as accents to your outdoor kitchen

This outdoor space makes use of the ultimate form of outdoor lighting – sunshine. A hardscape design open to the elements and showcased under bright daylight can have an incredibly inviting appearance and is the perfect setting within which to enjoy warm summer days with the family. This patio, created using Unilock Brussels Block pavers, winds through generous greenery in a beautiful organic shape. A low wall serves to separate the kitchen space from the fireside entertainment area, creating the visual impression of different outdoor rooms. The shrubs, trees and sprawling lawns are all accentuated by the natural light, resulting in a more vibrant landscape design.

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Achieving a sophisticated outdoor kitchen

Tiny candle-like lighting fixtures scattered throughout this sophisticated patio give it a romantic touch and intimate atmosphere. Their soft golden hues also accentuate the warm brown shades contained within the paving materials. Brussels Block pavers in the Terra Cotta, Sierra or Coffee Creek color variation can be used to achieve this inviting look. These pavers are also exquisitely textured and bear a time-worn appeal that can add a classic element to any modern patio.
The fire pit installed near this outdoor kitchen contributes its own element of warmth and creates a cozy atmosphere, incorporating the interesting shades and textures of the burning wood and coals into the overall color palette of the landscape. A low barrier that doubles as a seat wall surrounds this fire pit and is ended off by a low pillar that houses a simple lighting fixture. A variety of items can be placed on low pillars to keep them at hand, yet cleverly out of the way.

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This outdoor kitchen is made to look elegant and sophisticated, not only by its soft lighting, but by the addition of a wooden awning and ceiling fan. These additions echo elements of indoor kitchens and serve to tie the home and hardscape together.

Dining underneath the stars

This beautiful outdoor kitchen looks its finest after sunset. Hanging lanterns line the perimeter while the entire room is open to the elements and the starry night sky. A wooden pergola defines the boundaries of the area. The earthy shades of the textured pavers reflect this wooden structure and pair well with the shiny chrome appliances. Although the Rivenstone pavers used here aren’t available in New York, an equally stunning effect can be created using Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone or Treo pavers. The geometric pavers and appliances coupled with organically textured hardscaping materials and plants result in a pleasing blend of modern and rustic themes.

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Modern minimalism

This outdoor kitchen makes use of a few small light fixtures for localized and emphasized lighting. This draws attention to the grill and countertops, allowing them to form a focal point. While downlighting has been utilized in the foreground, highlighting is incorporated closer to the home, bringing variation to the landscape design. Highlighting is a great technique to use underneath eye-catching plants or statues as they illuminate and draw attention to these features. The pavers utilized here bear the natural appeal of stone with all the durability of concrete, and a similar look can be achieved by using Unilock Thornbury or Westport pavers.

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Outdoor Kitchens that Use Lighting and Texture to Stunning Effect


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