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The Perfect Non-Slip Driveway Pavers for your Home

Your driveway introduces your home and is entrusted with the task of making the best impression possible. While moulding your driveway into interesting shapes and surrounding it with beautiful greenery can serve as enhancements, choosing the most attractive pavers has a powerful impact on the success of your driveway. Consider the following stylish pavers with non-slip surfaces that will ensure a smooth and safe driving experience.

Brussels Block

Brussels Block pavers bear timeless warmth and elegance that is guaranteed to boost your curb appeal and give your landscape a touch of luxury that outlasts changing trends. These pavers have authentic surface textures indiscernible from natural quarried stone.
This sunny driveway has been created using Sierra Brussels Block pavers and Courtstone accent pavers in the Basalt color variation. A beautiful contrast is created by pairing these two shades, while the dark Courtstone border highlights the lighter hues within the expanse of the Brussels Block main body. This paver selection is highly compatible with well vegetated landscapes as the sandy undertones within the Sierra pavers help the surrounding greens to ‘pop’ while the dark Courtstone pavers mimic the rich shade of fertile soil.

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Thornbury pavers bear the look of flagstone, which suits both rustic and modern hardscape designs. Thornbury pavers aren’t just attractive, they are also environmentally friendly. These permeable pavers allow rainwater to return to the underlying ecosystem, preventing wasteful runoff into storm water drains. This feature will do your driveway a kindness as well, preventing the formation of puddles that may stain your pavers.
This elegant driveway is perfectly compatible with the adjacent home, echoing shades within the design and complementing the traditional stone design. Numerous sizes have been selected and laid in an intricate pattern to enhance the natural look of the surface. Dark Town Hall pavers have been used to create an understated strip of edging that highlights any darker tones within the rich Almond Grove Thornbury pavers.

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Umbriano pavers have a pleasantly speckled surface with spontaneous areas of light and dark pigmentation. This random dispersion of color makes each paver unique and serves to create an intriguing paved surface. Not only are these paver non-slip, they are also stain resistant, largely relieving the threat of oil spills.
The Summer Wheat color variation used here has a crisp, organic look that contributes to the fresh and inviting atmosphere of this entrance. These pavers are perfect for contemporary designs, but that doesn’t rule out including greenery in the design. These pavers create a striking contrast when paired with deep greens and rough natural textures.

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Antara pavers have an warm, rustic appeal that is distinctly inviting and makes them perfect candidates for your driveway or entrance. Their weathered textures blend seamlessly into any surrounding vegetation, unifying the softscape and hardscape rather than creating any harsh boundaries between the two. Have fun designing plant beds and rock formations that complement your Antara pavers. This homeowner, for example, paired Sierra Antara pavers with similarly shaded rocks and quaint pebbles. Their non-slip quality makes them ideal for driveways and ensures your safety.

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Senzo pavers are popular candidates for contemporary designs, as their clean edges and smooth surfaces complement many of the elements within modern landscape designs. They can also be found in a large format that adds elegance to large open areas like driveways. This Nuvola color variation is incredibly versatile and pairs well with any neutral pillars or retaining wall features. The random gradients on the surfaces of these pavers create unique and captivating surfaces, while a random paver pattern can enhance their spontaneous look.
Consider pairing these pavers with textured materials or rustic features like classic lanterns for a pleasing blend of contrasting themes. They also stand out against green landscapes, while any surrounding nature also serves to visually lighten the paved surface and makes the landscape design more dimensional.

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Il Campo

This unique Unilock paver bears an exquisite surface texture and a warm rustic look. Imbued with EnduraColor Plus, Il Campo pavers are highly resistant to fading and are guaranteed to withstand the harsh conditions that driveways are exposed to. The brushed lines etched into their surfaces reflect light and add interest to the paved surface.
This Coffee Creek variation showcases Il Campo’s ability to emulate natural stone with its varying shades and unique textures. Gradients blend into one another while the brushed finish helps to blur the lines between individual pavers, resulting in a sea of rich color. While this driveway has a distinctly weathered appearance, these versatile pavers can suit less rustic designs as well and are available in a wide variety of interesting shades.

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