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High Strength, Long Lasting Driveway Pavers for Heavy Traffic Requirements

When investing in a show-stopping driveway, one should ensure that your design won’t buckle under the daily pressures of regular vehicular traffic. Fortunately, there are many ways to increase the durability of your driveway – from downsizing your pavers to exploiting modern reinforcement technologies such as a Unilock DriveGrid, or specialized manufacturing processes such as Ultima Concrete Technology. Here are a few Unilock pavers that will not only contribute exceptional style to your driveway, but will also stand the test of time.

Town Hall pavers

One way to ensure the durability of your driveway is to select pavers that have had their tensile and compressive strength specially enhanced. Ultima Concrete Technology from Unilock has given these Town Hall pavers four times the strength of poured concrete. These pavers are also permeable, preventing the pooling of rainwater on the paved surface. Should one of these small pavers become damaged, it can easily be lifted and replaced without disturbing the rest of the paved surface and without leaving behind any traces of repair. These Town Hall pavers have been selected in the Heritage Blend color variation, which is a mixture of two shades that adds interest to the paved surface. Unilock also offers similar color blends for a variety of other pavers.

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Thornbury pavers

Many homeowners seek the elegant beauty of natural stone in their driveways. However, true quarried stone is often too brittle to bear the weight of heavy loads placed upon driveways and walkways. Unilock offers a wide variety of strong concrete pavers that mimic the distinct beauty of natural stone in their colors and textures. In addition to their convincing flagstone surface textures, these Thornbury pavers are also available in a variety of rich and neutral shades similar to the color palette one can expect from a selection of natural stone. This Almond Grove color variation echoes similar shades in the architecture of the home, visually linking different parts of the landscape. The Basalt Town Hall pavers bordering this driveway allow the sandy undertones within the Thornbury pavers to ‘pop’. The edges of each paver are slightly irregular, creating imperfect jointing lines that enhance the natural appeal of the paved surface.

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Copthorne pavers

Copthorne pavers are known for their pleasant timeworn surface textures and rich color variations. In addition to this, they are perfect candidates for driveways because they are easy to replace and are also imbued with the aforementioned Ultima Concrete Technology. These Copthorne pavers have been selected in a blend of three shades – Old Oak, Burgundy Red and Burnt Clay. Each shade is incredibly deep and earthy, while a blend of all three creates an expanse of color that bears an abundance of dimension and variation. The earthy colors in which these pavers can be found also complement any surrounding greenery. Consider adding interest to your driveway surface by installing these small pavers in an intricate paver pattern such as the herringbone formation shown here.

Il Campo pavers

Driveways are often large, their great size accompanied by a tendency to appear boring or monotonous. Therefore, selecting strong pavers that are also striking and unique can result in a fantastic driveway design. These Il Campo pavers have distinct textures characterized by irregular lines etched across their surfaces. They are also available in blends of slightly different colors that can be arranged in intricate patterns for a random, natural appearance.

Brussels Block pavers

Brussels Block pavers are not only incredibly strong, but also bear a timeless attractiveness. They will remain in place throughout the decades while you continue to appreciate their warmth and antique finishes. The Sandstone shade used here pairs well with natural landscapes, especially when set beside a strikingly green lawn. This dark Umbriano border also enhances the lighter hues within the Brussels Block pavers and creates a beautiful contrast.

Umbriano pavers

A large expanse of Umbriano pavers never bears the risk of being too monotonous. These pavers offer spontaneous color gradients and random spots of darker pigment, making each paver unique and personalized. When these pavers combine into a driveway or patio they form a surface filled with dark and light variations, like captivating eddies in a flowing river. These pavers are stain resistant, relieving the stress of oil spills. They are also non-slip, creating a safer driveway surface.

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High Strength, Long Lasting Driveway Pavers for Heavy Traffic Requirements NY


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