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An Old World Look with Cutting Edge Technology

Some things never go out of fashion – old European architecture, for example. Even the most contemporary homes will occasionally incorporate an old-world element, such as an iron lantern or natural stone veneer. These small additions add interest and variation to hardscape designs and help to grant each one its own unique flair. Behind every material used to achieve these rustic designs, lies modern technology – altering the shades and textures of every paver to optimize its warmth and time-worn appeal. Here are a few classic Unilock pavers and the innovative technology behind their stunning surfaces.


Camelot pavers have uniquely rounded edges, resulting in a paver surface reminiscent of cobblestone but with a subtle new-age difference. This entrance has utilized the Almond Grove color variation to create a cool, monotone surface that contrasts beautifully against the deep red hues of the low brick wall. This classic European hardscape design is punctuated by two iron lanterns and ornate planters filled with vibrant flowers. Camelot pavers, just like all other Unilock pavers, are imbued with incredible durability owing to the revolutionary processes utilized in their manufacturing.

Beacon Hill Flagstone

Beacon Hill Flagstone is renowned for its natural appearance and is perfectly compatible with virtually any landscape project imaginable. Its subtly blended colors and exquisite surface textures give Beacon Hill Flagstone a tranquil, yet historic look. The stunning shades in which these pavers can sourced bear the mark of Unilock EnduraColor Facemix Technology. This entails a two-step process in which coarse aggregates are used to create a strong base while finer, durable and more concentrated aggregates are set on top. The end product is highly resistant to fading. These pavers can be used to create relaxing outdoor getaways and form slip-friendly poolside patios. Take note that despite the time-worn element they bring to classic hardscape designs, they pair equally well with contemporary patios.

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Copthorne pavers can bring the ambience of old European cities and towns to any modern backyard. The linear pavers can be laid in a variety of intricate laying patterns and can be sourced in an equally expansive variety of rich earthy tones. Due to Unilock Ultima Concrete Technology, these pavers also bear four times the strength of poured concrete – a characteristic that is ideal for high-traffic areas such as driveways and walkways. In addition to their compressive strength, their surfaces guarantee long-lasting beauty thanks to Unilock EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes. A blend of high performing minerals, such as granite and quartz, are combined with color pigments to create pavers that are highly resistant to fading under both UV light and harsh weather conditions. This exceptional technology is further used to form authentic surface textures that allow EnduraColor Plus concrete pavers to perfectly imitate a variety of natural stones. Virtually indestructible, this paver is sure to never crack or fade.
The Burgundy Red color variation has been utilized here, off-set beautifully by a striking sandstone border. The accent pavers echo nearby flowers while the Copthorne pavers complement the generous greenery that surrounds the walkway. However strange a combination burgundy and green might sound – there is no dispute that they make an excellent pair!


When thinking of old-world Europe, cobblestones are definitely a distinguishing factor. These incredibly durable pavers can be used to create driveways and accents that thoroughly withstand the test of time. Manufacturing Courtstone pavers also involves the utilization of Reala Surface Technology. This involves the casting of their surface textures from real cobblestones, while an identical process is performed for pavers imitating brick and natural stone. The authenticity of the cobblestone-like pavers within this patio is enhanced by the whimsical wrought iron furniture and pastel-colored cushions. Incorporating plenty of shrubs and flowers also serves to transform the patio into an old European tea garden.
The jointing sand utilized within this romantic Courtstone patio contrasts the surrounding pavers, adding further dimension to the paver surface. It also highlights the irregularities of the edges of these pavers and enhances their natural appeal. Allowing your jointing sand to reflect other elements within the hardscape, such as the white-washed wooden gates of this patio, helps to visually tie the patio floor to the rest of the hardscape.

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