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What Makes Unilock Concrete and Stone Pavers so Trusted?

Over the years, Unilock has won the favor and praise of countless homeowners, not just in Connecticut, but in all of North America. The reliable durability of Unilock materials and the versatile range of materials available contribute to making Unilock a trusted and recommended solution to a variety of hardscaping needs. Here are a few reasons why Unilock pavers, in particular, are guaranteed to exceed all expectations and enhance any hardscape.

Ultima Concrete Technology

It is only fitting to begin with perhaps the most important quality a paver should bear – durability. Pavers are exposed to a wide range of daily stresses, from vehicular traffic to sun damage and snow. Many Unilock pavers, especially those recommended for use in driveways, are imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology. This innovative manufacturing process grants pavers four times the strength of poured concrete.

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The Courtstone pavers utilized in this driveway bear all the incredible strength of Ultima Concrete Technology and are also made more durable by their small design. A surface comprised of numerous small pavers is more flexible and crack-resistant than a surface comprised of large, rigid pieces. Courtstone pavers pair excellently with greenery and are often used to pave driveways lined with sprawling, manicured lawns. The dark Basalt color variation has been used here, in conjunction with a double border that adds depth to the color palette of the hardscape design.

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Authentic substitutes for natural stone

Natural stone bears a timeless beauty and elegance that is guaranteed to complement almost any patio design. However, whether you are inhibited by its cost or you are afraid to utilize it within your driveway because of its inherent inconsistencies, real natural stone may not be a practical option for you. Fortunately, there is a great range of Unilock pavers with the authentic shades and textures of natural stone. Bear in mind that these pavers also still bear all the unbeatable durability of concrete. Their realistic surface textures can be attributed to the brilliance of Reala Surface Technology, which ensures that textures are cast from hundreds of real natural stone surfaces. ColorFusion Technology, on the other hand, grants Umbriano pavers the random color gradients that allow them to emulate natural granite.
These Richcliff pavers have been crafted using Reala Surface Technology and are excellent substitutes for natural bluestone. Each paver is uniquely textured, while arranging pavers of different sizes in a seemingly random pattern can make the surface look even more natural. The cool Dawn Mist color variation showcased here creates a beautiful contrast when paired with warm, earthy shades like those of soil. This homeowner has added a rich Copthorne border to the pathway in an effort to achieve the greatest visual impact from this contrast.

Stain-resistance where you need it most

Your outdoor area is vulnerable to a wide range of messes and stains. From an oil leak in the driveway to spills beside the grill, these stains can ruin the appearance of your paved surfaces. EasyClean Stain Resistance from Unilock protects paver surfaces and enables you to clean any mess quickly and easily, before a stain can develop. These Artline pavers are stain resistant and are therefore excellent candidates for outdoor kitchens or spaces where children may spill food and drinks. Artline pavers are also a favorite for use within modern hardscapes as they have a very sleek appearance. The subdued shades in which they are available also serve to make any surrounding greenery or colorful upholstery ‘pop’.

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Surfaces that will never fade

When you invest in your hardscape, you expect it to last as long as you live in your home. Pavers should not age faster than the rest of your home; in fact you should never have to worry about replacing them. Enduracolor Facemix Technology ensures that Unilock pavers are highly resistant to fading, no matter how much UV light they are exposed to. This process concentrates fine, wear-resistant color aggregates on top of a strong foundation of coarse aggregates. The concentrated top layer prevents the lighter aggregates underneath from ever showing through.
These Il Campo pavers, for example, are imbued with EnduraColor Facemix Technology to ensure that their shades remain rich and vibrant over time. Irregular lines are etched across each paver, resulting in a surface with captivating textures. Perfect for driveways and small rustic patios, these pavers work well beside other warm elements like wood and stone or beside the deep greens within vegetation.
What Makes Unilock Concrete and Stone Pavers so Trusted Greenwich CT?


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