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Want the look of bluestone for your driveway?

Bluestone encompasses over twenty different types of natural stone that are deep blue and often become light grey when exposed to sunlight. Despite the beauty and character of this natural stone, it may not be a practical choice for driveways as it isn’t guaranteed to withstand the heavy load of frequent vehicular traffic. Creating a driveway out of bluestone requires thick slabs that can not only break the bank, but might also be difficult to install. Concrete pavers have evolved to solve this problem, however. Many concrete pavers now mimic the textures, rich shades and subtle color variations of natural stone, while retaining concrete’s unbeatable strength. When tasked with recreating the look and feel of bluestone, Unilock Richcliff pavers stand in a league of their own.

Why Bluestone?

You are guaranteed to find some color variations when working with natural stone, as each stone is uniquely formed by the earth. Bluestone is a natural product quarried from the earth and, as a result, its color is determined by the depth from which is was obtained. The deeper a stone is quarried, the more unique and enhanced its colors will be. Their color and texture variations create a magical effect wherever they are laid, instantly boosting curb appeal. Bluestone also has a pleasantly rough surface texture which satisfies bare feet and ensures superb grip in wet conditions.

Concrete vs natural stone

Concrete is renowned for being more durable than natural stone, resulting in a low-maintenance surface that requires few replacements or repairs. In addition, the Unilock Ultima Concrete Technology has ensured that Richcliff pavers bear up to four times the strength of poured concrete. Unlike true bluestone, Richcliff pavers can therefore be used for a wide variety of applications, including your driveway, and won’t be structurally damaged. Richcliff pavers also feature the Unilock AutoAlign System, which ensures that the base portion of each stone is dimensionally accurate while the top portion of the stone retains the irregularities of natural stone. This simplifies the installation process and the accentuated joint sizes make your jointing compound stand out.

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Richcliff realistic textures

Richcliff mimics the non-slip surface of bluestone and, paired with its smooth Micro-beveled Edge, is one of the most vehicle- and pedestrian friendly candidates for your driveway. Its realistic embossed surface texture is cast from real natural stone using the Unilock Reala Surface Technology. Hundreds of uniquely different moulds are used to cast these fine, authentic textures, ensuring a random, natural appearance and the timeless beauty of weathered flagstone.

Rich, fade-resistant color

Richcliff pavers bear the promise of EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes – that is, long-lasting beauty. A complex blend of high-performing minerals are combined with color pigments highly resistant to fading under UV light to create an exceptionally durable range of color options.With the support of EnduraColor Facemix Technology, Richcliff pavers truly are “beauty and strength perfected”.

Driveway design options

The elegant surfaces and sleek edges of Richcliff pavers add modern sophistication to any driveway. Courtstone and Copthorne pavers are favorites when it comes to accenting an expanse of Richcliff pavers and have been known to create a striking visual impact. Neutral colors, including earthy brown tones, white and black, pair well with the blue-gray hues you’re after and can be used to create borders or motifs that break up a large, monotonous space. Although ordinary dry joint sand can be used to lay Richcliff pavers, Unilock recommends their EasyPro Jointing Compound for optimum joint stability. The color of your jointing material can also be customized to complement other elements within the landscape, such as the exterior of your home. Note that sealers generally decrease the slip resistance of stone and can make a driveway more hazardous. While natural stone requires sealing to increase its durability, Richcliff pavers can easily go without it.

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Multiple shapes and interlocks

Allowing driveway pavers to interlock is a popular route to increasing the durability of the surface, preventing them from shifting out of place under the pressure of vehicular traffic. Richcliff pavers come in a manageable range of three sizes, which can be combined to create strong and intriguing interlocking patterns. Two sizes of pavers can be placed in a running bond formation, for example – a linear formation in which the jointing lines in one direction are broken at regular intervals. This paver pattern can be used to make your driveway appear longer or wider, depending on the direction in which the pavers are laid.

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