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Patio Pavers with the Cutting Edge Look and Feel of Granite

Natural granite has been used in art and architecture for centuries and is sought after for its timeless elegance and personality. However, given its heavy weight and lack of availability, granite incurs transport costs that can make it impractical for many homeowners, particularly in paving large surface areas such as driveways and patios. The following concrete pavers are excellent substitutes for authentic natural stone and are imbued with incredible strength to match that of the strongest granite. Consider one of the following options as a suitable long-lasting substitute to a granite hardscape.

Mattoni pavers

These Mattoni pavers in the Dark Charcoal color variation are similar to the dark igneous rocks known as black granites. These granites contain no quartz, but are used interchangeably with real granites. These pavers bear a fine surface texture and have slightly irregular edges for added authenticity. Their slim design is ideal for creating intricate paver patterns like the running bond formation shown here. This pattern can make driveways and patios seem longer or wider, depending on the direction in which the pavers are laid. These pavers are excellent partners to the rustic home beyond as they complement the textures of the bricks while contrasting their bright red coloring. These striking dark pavers also serve to highlight the bright greens and rich browns within the surrounding softscape. Linear pavers often pair well with well vegetated landscapes as they contrast the rounder, softer shapes of natural elements.

Senzo pavers

These sleek concrete pavers bear subtle gradients on their surfaces that emulate the natural color variations found within granite. Granite is a natural stone renowned for its compatibility with contemporary hardscape designs. Senzo pavers similarly contribute elements of sophistication and luxury to their hardscapes. These pavers are perfect candidates for kitchens, as they help to create a space that is visually clean and orderly.

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Umbriano pavers

The spontaneous speckled design covering each Umbriano paver is a perfect emulation of the visible granules one often notices within granite. These pavers are a favorite when it comes to harnessing the beauty of granite without any of its inherent drawbacks. Umbriano pavers have been specifically engineered, using ColorFusion Technology, to bear a distinct granite-like appearance with actual granite particles randomly infused into its surface. While granite can be subject to stains, these pavers are also imbued with EasyClean Stain Resistance from Unilock. This innovative technology creates a protective surface layer that makes spills easy to clean and prevents the formation of stains. Umbriano pavers also pair excellently with Lineo Dimensional Stone and blend seamlessly into modern hardscape designs.

Series 3000 pavers

Series 3000 pavers are made from a combination of granite and quartz aggregates for an authentically natural appearance. With a strong base of coarse aggregates and a wear-resistant layer of finer, more concentrated aggregates on top, their incredible colors are guaranteed to withstand the test of time. These pavers can be sourced in a variety of neutral colors similar to those of natural granite. This combination of light and dark pavers adds interest and variation to the large expanse pictured here. This is a technique that is often incorporated into large driveways. The Black Granite color variation brings the rich sandy undertones of the lighter pavers to the forefront. This paver combinations also complements the adjacent home – an integral requirement for any driveway.

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Artline pavers

These Artline pavers have captivating surfaces that will give your hardscape the contemporary flair of granite. This surface showcases the different finishes in which these pavers have been made available. Each texture contributes a different aesthetic to the hardscape, from smooth elegance to the pleasant warmth of the brushed pavers. Consider arranging pavers of different sizes in a seemingly random pattern, like this one, to enhance the natural look of the surface. Artline pavers are also available in a number of Umbriano finishes to recreate the honed granite look. These concrete pavers are incredibly durable and are guaranteed to withstand the elements.

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Tribeca Cobble

Tribeca Cobble concrete pavers offer the look of imported granite cobblestone and can be used to create permeable surfaces that allow rainwater to return to the underlying ecosystem. Natural granite structures experience problems with rising damp, which occurs when water is sucked into the masonry through capillary action. It can darken the stones and may eventually lead to flaking and deterioration. This problem can be avoided by opting for our permeable pavers with the shades and textures of real natural stone such as Tribeca Cobble in the Crystalline Basalt or the Peppered Granite color option.

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Patio Pavers with the Cutting Edge Look and Feel of Granite NY

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