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Design Ideas for Poolside Outdoor Kitchens

A clear-blue swimming pool and decked-out kitchen make a powerful pair and can take your summer barbecues to the next level. Family and friends can stay cool and have plenty of fun socializing in your backyard oasis, while you, as the chef, are included in the festivities. Make your get-togethers simpler and more enjoyable with a stylish, functional poolside kitchen and consider incorporating some of the following design tips.

A rich color palette

This poolside kitchen has been created using a combination of Brussels Block pavers and Brussels Dimensional System. A selection of dark green and pale peach accent pavers have been incorporated into the patio floor and vertical elements as borders and banding. Having a set of matching pavers throughout the hardscape visually unifies the structure. The wooden bar stools and pergola serve to add warmth and texture to the landscape, while complementing the generous greenery that serves as a tranquil background to the design. Pops of vibrant orange have been incorporated into the design, adding a touch of personality to the finished product. The close proximity of this kitchen to the upholstered recliners enables an effortless transition from dining to relaxing.

Exploiting modern geometry and neutral shades

This contemporary patio showcases a smooth expanse of Winter Marvel Umbriano pavers from Unilock, with subtle color gradients that create a captivating surface. Their clean edges and refined surfaces are compatible with many elements of modern design, such as the linear edges of this swimming pool. The muted color palette utilized here also serves to create a beautiful contrast against the vibrant blue hues of the swimming pool and the deep greens and browns of the surrounding nature. The wooden pergola also adds a touch of warmth to the otherwise cool and monotone color selection. Geometric, upholstered chairs contribute an element of modern luxury to the space, which is further enhanced by the chic poolside water feature and sophisticated pool lighting. An understated retaining wall has been created using Unilock Rivercrest Wall, which mimics the natural appeal of stacked flagstone with the added durability of concrete. These low walls can act as additional seating space for large crowds.

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Curved structures for traditional appeal

This cozy kitchen is situated beside a beautiful curved pool, the design of which serves to add a tranquil element to the outdoor area. The textured Richcliff pavers in Dawn Mist also bear muted shades that have a relaxing effect on the eyes, while their non-slip surfaces are pleasing to bare feet. These pavers echo some of the blue hues in the adjacent pool, helping to visually link different elements of the hardscape. A dark Courtstone border defines the poolside area while the irregular edges of these pavers add to the classic suburban aesthetic of the patio. A low wall partially encloses the small dining area, defining it as an outdoor room, ending in the form of short pillars. Pillars are excellent elements with which to end-off low walls for a more ‘complete’ look, while planters and lighting fixtures can be placed upon them. The generous greenery, rustic textures and rounded-out structures within this patio design make it the perfect spot for family fun.

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Creating a blend of old and new

This spacious poolside patio has been created using elegant Umbriano pavers from Unilock. Their speckled surfaces break up the large expanse of concrete and emulate the luxury of natural granite. Modern elements can be found throughout this patio design, including the contemporary recliner and complementary side table, as well as the upholstered bar stools and state-of-the art grill. These contemporary elements, which echo the luxury of indoor living, are contrasted beautifully by the textured Estate Wall counter. The irregular edges and rich natural shades of these pavers result in an exquisitely rustic look. The generous greenery surrounding the area also serves to soften its geometry and bring variation to its smooth surfaces.

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Pops of contrasting color

This sleek poolside kitchen and patio is another example of how Unilock Umbriano pavers make the perfect foundation for contemporary hardscapes. The popular color combination of grey and deep orange has been incorporated into this outdoor design, creating a captivating contrast that adds plenty of dimension to the color palette. Although combining colors as vastly different as these may seem daunting, they can result in a more professional design. The vibrant orange upholstery also serves to complement the clear blue water nearby.

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Design Ideas for Poolside Outdoor Kitchens


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