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Selecting the Perfect Pavers for Your Driveway

The image of a stunning home and well-maintained landscape can be ruined by a driveway that fails to fulfill its true potential. Paved driveways are increasingly becoming the standard for modern homes and are replacing those of century-old homes. There is no shortage of pavers out there from which to create your driveway, which can make deciding on one or two a daunting task. Here are a few guidelines for selecting the perfect driveway pavers for your landscape.

Don’t pass on concrete’s durability

Concrete is an exceptionally durable material used in a variety of load-bearing structures. The Unilock EnduraColor Plus product line utilizes a blend of high-performing natural stone and color pigments that are highly resistant to fading. The use of this technology results in pavers that are extremely durable in both surface and color, as well as structure. Unique shades and textures ensure a stunning aesthetic and a range of sizes and styles to create breathtaking designs. Small cobblestones, such as Unilock Courtstone pavers, are excellent candidates for driveways because of their flexibility and antique look.
Arranging your pavers in an interlocking pattern can enhance the durability of the surface, preventing the pavers from moving out of place under the pressure of vehicular traffic. Interlocking formations also allow pavers to move with the natural expansion of the earth beneath them. The excellent craftsmanship that goes into every Unilock paver ensures that all pavers lock together perfectly regardless of their application.

Select pavers that will achieve your desired pattern

Concrete pavers can be obtained in a virtually limitless variety of shapes and colors, and can be arranged in an equally endless array of patterns – allowing you to design a truly unique driveway. Popular patterns include the herringbone design, in which pavers are laid in alternating directions to create multiple “V” shapes, and the linear design of running bond. Paver patterns can be made even more captivating by using pavers of different shades and, where possible, more than one size.

Opt for natural appeal and uncompromised endurance

Concrete pavers can be convincing substitutes for natural stones like granite and sandstone, in addition to having the ability to possess a limitless array of possible shades. With advanced coloring and texturing technology, Unilock pavers can have the authentic look and feel of natural stone with none of its inherent structural weaknesses. Unilock concrete pavers offer long-lasting color, high load-carrying capacity, unbeatable durability and a resilience to weather damage – enabling you to create a driveway that stands the test of time. Consider the color variations and compelling textures of Richcliff and Thornbury pavers for an organic, randomized appearance for your driveway.

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Embrace low-maintenance options

Concrete pavers are easy to lift and replace, if necessary, without leaving behind any signs of repair. Many pavers also possess a non-porous, stain-resistant surface that removes all effort from cleaning.

Permeable pavers result in eco-friendly driveways

Certain concrete pavers, such as the sleek Unilock Eco-Line pavers, are permeable, maximizing the drainage of rainwater to the soil below. These pavers return moisture to the ecosystem, preventing the accumulation of rainwater on the surface of the driveway and runoff into stormwater drains. Turfstone pavers are also highly permeable and prevent soil erosion, comprising a concrete lattice interrupted by grass patches that make a unique aesthetic statement.

Exploit the winter readiness of concrete pavers

The approach of winter is usually accompanied by various maintenance and preparation routines to prevent the damage caused by below-freezing temperatures. Having a concrete paver driveway means having a driveway that needs minimal winter maintenance and ensures a damage free surface, year after year. Snow can be shoveled off your concrete pavers while their angled edges will prevent them from being lifted or damaged by the tool used. De-icing salts and other de-icing chemicals pose no threat to the color or integrity of Unilock pavers. These pavers can also be laid over an electric heating system for a snow-free surface all winter long.

Ensure that your driveway pavers complement the home

The extensive variety of shades in which concrete pavers are produced should enable you to create a driveway that matches, complements or contrasts your home exterior, forming a visual link between the two, while tying the entire property together. Beacon Hill Flagstone, for example, can be used to complement a home veneered with stacked natural stone, while a minimalist, contemporary home can be accented by understated Series 3000 pavers or Unilock Artline pavers.

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Selecting the Perfect Pavers for Your Driveway NY


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