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Paver Driveways Are Truly Changing Everything

The durability, versatility and sophistication of concrete pavers have enabled them to replace more traditional driveway materials such as gravel, asphalt and poured concrete. Paved driveways are renowned for boosting the curb appeal of their designated homes and adding an elegant touch to any landscape. If it weren’t for the striking beauty of a paved driveway, one might hardly notice that is was there, as concrete pavers come with few maintenance requirements and can drain rainwater without any human interference. These benefits, and countless others, should persuade you to pave your new driveway or embark on a renovation that will be worth it.

Concrete’s indestructible qualities

The classic concrete slab pales in comparison to pavers imbued with Unilock’s Ultima Technology – a process that creates concrete pavers four times as strong as poured concrete. Concrete pavers have also proven themselves to bear a tough defense against UV damage, freeze-thaw cycles and the regular movement of vehicles upon their surfaces. Unilock’s Copthorne pavers, for example, have a virtually imperishable structure that will not crack, split or fade. Besides the occasional replacement of a settled paver, a sealer touch-up and the removal of a few weeds, concrete pavers can grant you the most long-lasting driveway with the least maintenance.

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Interlocking patterns for further endurance

When concrete pavers are installed to interlock, the joints between them create even more durability by enabling the pavers to move with the natural expansion and contraction of the earth. Concrete slabs, which lack this flexibility, would crack under the same pressures. The pavers within an interlocking herringbone pattern, for example, are fixed in place and will not sink, shift or buckle when driven on. This pattern entails pavers being placed in alternate directions, at 45 or 90 degrees to one another, to form multiple ‘v’ shapes. Snow can be shoveled, ploughed or blown off these surfaces without the risk of damaging them.

Creative interlocks for captivating designs

An elaborate paver pattern has the potential to transform your mundane driveway into a captivating focal point. Using three or more paver sizes results in a seemingly random design while one or two paver sizes should create a more understated and uniform driveway surface. A linear paver pattern such as running bond can make a driveway appear longer or wider, depending on the direction in which the pavers are installed. Unilock’s sleek Promenade Plank pavers are incredible candidates for a linear paver pattern as they bear a sharp, modern look and feel. Replacing a damaged paver within an interlocking pattern also shouldn’t leave a trace of the repair, preserving the beauty of your driveway.

Countless possibilities for accent pavers

Although driveways can be phenomenal landscape features, it is important to find a visual balance in which they do not distract too much from the home. This can be achieved by incorporating small eye-catching accents, sparsely positioned and colored to complement the surrounding hardscape. Accent pavers of a unique shade can form a border or can be laid in concentric circles, spirals, diamonds and as many other formations as can be imagined. These motifs serve to break up a large expanse of identical stone and add character to the driveway.

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Different shades of pavers can also be used in the rest of the driveway. The combination of three slightly different colors in an interlocking pattern can add visual depth to the surface, and with a virtually limitless array of concrete pavers out there, selecting a few shades that complement your home should be a breeze. Some concrete pavers, such as Unilock’s Richcliff and Brussels Block pavers, mimic natural stone for a luxurious appearance with incredible durability.

Circular patterns dominate current trends

Laying rows of pavers in a circular formation is a great way to create a focal point that interrupts a large, flat driveway. This pattern is compatible with many other laying patterns, including the herringbone and running bond designs. Combining two paver patterns should contribute variation to your driveway and make it more captivating. There are bound to be small spaces between the pavers in a circle. These spaces should be filled with jointing sand, which can be customized to suit the color palette of your landscape. The sand can reflect a color within the exterior of your home, subtly creating a visual link between the driveway and home, or could alternatively blend and disappear into the surrounding pavers.

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