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Design Tips: 3 Winning Combinations for Your Driveway Pavers

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Coupling two or more different pavers of contrasting color, texture and style can do wonders to liven up a driveway and break the monotony of a large surface area. With these three paver combos from Unilock, your driveway will never have looked more like a framed work of art.

Thornbury Paver with Town Hall Accent

Two different colors of Thornbury pavers are used in this three-toned arrangement, with a strong, dark Town Hall band running between the two. The resulting effect is one of a welcoming driveway featuring subtle earthy colors and a strong, contrasting border. Along the outer edge, the striking light tones of the Sierra color option is used to provide a clear distinction against the dark green of the lawn. It is flanked by the deep, narrow band of Town Hall, which stands in stark contrast with the edging, both in terms of color – with the Basalt color option of the Town Hall used here lending its deep midnight coloring – and also in terms of texture. While Thornbury’s deeply textured surface borrows from that of naturally quarried flagstone, Town Hall’s surface texture is finer and more regular. On the inside of the dark Town Hall border, another color variation of Thornbury, Almond Grove, is used, effortlessly uniting the light outer band and the dark inner band with undertones that borrow from both. Almond Grove’s hints of blue, red and brown contain a gentle variation that covers the bulk of the driveway surface. The end result is warm, earthy and welcoming, but able to stand boldly apart from its surroundings.

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Courtstone Paver with Brussels Block Accent

Comprising the main central portion of the driveway, Courtstone offers this combination a timeworn, smooth surface, reminiscent of the cobblestones of small old-world European villages. Quaint and traditional, the Courtstone visible surface is randomized for character, while beneath the surface, precision casting ensures that each paver fits together perfectly. The smooth yet non-slip surface of Courtstone is then contrasted with the rough and tumbled quarried look and unbeveled edges of Brussels Block. A double layer of Brussels Block is used along the edge of this long driveway in order to create a broader outline to the meandering drive. An Almond Grove coloring is chosen for the Brussels Block, creating a firm distinction between lawn and driveway while drawing in the red of the mulch used as a ground cover in the flowerbeds. Rather than seeking a stark contrast within the driveway, however, a darker but matching color of Courtstone paver is used, repeating and reinforcing the blue, brown and red undertones of the Brussels Block with a blend of Dawn Mist and Pebble Taupe. Both pavers offer timeless beauty and a distinct historical feel, with Brussels Block offsetting the more formal cobblestone with its sunny, relaxed character. While both products provide an intentionally aged look, with EnduraColor Face Mix technology you’re assured that the rich differences in color will remain, while our Ultima Concrete Technology ensures that despite its quaint appearance, Courtstone can withstand even the heaviest vehicular loads.

Thornbury Paver Driveway with Courtstone Accents

Here the rugged flagstone textures of Thornbury pavers have been paired with the dark smooth finish of worn cobblestone featured by Courtstone pavers. The Basalt color variation of Courtstone was chosen to provide the deepest color contrast and boldest border possible. The Courtstone border runs double once again, providing thickness while introducing irregular patterning that is highlighted using a lightly colored jointing compound. Notice the difference not only in color and texture this time, but also in the thickness of the spaces between the different pavers, once again creating aesthetic variation. The lay of the Thornbury pavers forming the stretch of the driveway is rotated 45 degrees, to create an interesting change in the direction of lines, contrasting both with the border of the driveway as well as the horizontal stone facing of the home, to which the eye is naturally drawn. A rich, dark chocolate blend of Sierra and Almond Grove Non-Permeable pavers are used here to create a randomized surface of varying dark brown hues contrasted with a light jointing compound and complemented using a complex laying pattern.

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